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Freelancing to Supplement Your Business

As I visit with small business owners – often from small, rural towns – generating additional revenues is often among the hottest topics of conversation. While we look at the current operations and customer base, follow-up calls and emails, and current pricing structures – one additional way to generate revenues is … freelancing. Freelancing gigs […]

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Every SmallBiz Track is Only $79

We're changing our pricing structure. Instead of "levels" - Every SmallBiz Track is only $79. When SmallBizTracks first launched last fall, our projects were one of three levels of work: … [Read More...]

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Simple and Easy

A lot of business owners are looking for easy. Some call easy, simple. Yet, simple can sometimes be hard. Easy is not always lazy. Simple and Easy are not the same, and there can be great … [Read More...]

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21 Best Business Blogging Tips

When it comes to building a better business presence on the web, one of the topics that come up most often is blogging tips: How often to post; Length of posts; Headline writing; Curation … [Read More...]


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Same World, Different Lens

Some see the world only through their own eyes. While physically, this makes sense, both socially and culturally, it can be a limiting view. It has been said, "No two people have ever … [Read More...]