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Mistakes Are Tuition

Zig Ziglar once suggested, “Use your failures as learning experiences.” Sally Hogshead wrote, “Mistakes are Tuition.” By looking at our mistakes as learning experiences, a domino effect can take place which leads to success after success. Too often, small business owners are afraid to get out from behind their counter or desk, let alone out […]

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Stop Being Afraid of Change

Change happens. Embracing change before it happens is better than getting run over by it. Make no mistake. Change is going to come. Some business owners are afraid of big changes. … [Read More...]

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Fear of Being Irrelevant

Being irrelevant is a core fear of business owners. Irrelevancy comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on your imagination. Sometimes irrelevancy manifests itself as: Is anyone … [Read More...]


Write. Edit. Format. Publish.

Here's how it often goes... Write a little bit of text ... oops, backspace - backspace -backspace ... a bit more writing. Stop. Think. Fix the margins. Bold ... no, nix the bold. … [Read More...]