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Coaching Calls Designed for a LIFT

One of the best part of being a member of SubCLUBs are the coaching calls. Each month, active members receive 90 minutes of one-on-one coaching by phone, Skype or Google. These calls can be scheduled in 15, 30, 45, or 90-minute segments. During these coaching calls we cover each point of our LIFT practice: LEARN Something New IMPROVE […]

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Consistency Model: Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver: A Model of Consistency

In baseball, Tom Seaver was a model of consistency. He still holds the highest mark of votes on his way into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In baseball, my theory is to strive for consistency, … [Read More...]

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Using Feedly and Pocket for Resources

How I Use Feedly and Pocket

I share a lot of links and resources. But, I don't share everything. At this writing, I have 839 feeds (sites, blogs, search strings) in my Feedly Reader. This indispensable tool allows … [Read More...]

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Timestamp Your Posts

We were on a path of discovery, searching for a relevant and valuable link to use in her blog post. As we skimmed through a few Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), I noticed her skipping … [Read More...]

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Fear of Being Irrelevant

Being irrelevant is a core fear of business owners. Irrelevancy comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on your imagination. Sometimes irrelevancy manifests itself as: Is anyone … [Read More...]


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Dark Clouds?

Forecasting is an important part of business planning. Examining patterns and trends help us make ready for what might be ahead. Just as important is being able to determine if a task or … [Read More...]