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driving in traffic in rain

Driving Car Comfy

The past few summers have seen our family put many miles on our car. We prefer driving. It seems flying has lost the alluring romance it once had. And driving allows us to visit family and friends along the highways and hedges. This summer has been busier than most, crossing state lines often, sometimes in […]

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Ball of Mozzarella Cheese

The Customers Love Cheese

He didn't like Facebook, so he didn't have a Facebook page for his business. He didn't use a smartphone, so he declined the idea of a mobile-friendly website. He didn't watch YouTube, … [Read More...]


Big Sandwich

Chew Smaller (Thoughtography)

When we were kids, the phrase "Don't bit off more than you can chew," was a phrase often heard from the mouths of our parents and grandparents.  They weren't telling us not to eat. They were … [Read More...]