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6 Tips for Success Working From a Home Office

Every year, more and more people are working from a home office. Whether as a distance worker, a freelancer, or starting a side hustle – free agent nation continues to rise rapidly. Statistics show 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers by 2020.  The forecast might seem unlikely until you compare it with these 2014 […]

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Using Feedly and Pocket for Resources

How I Use Feedly and Pocket

I share a lot of links and resources. But, I don't share everything. At this writing, I have 839 feeds (sites, blogs, search strings) in my Feedly Reader. This indispensable tool allows … [Read More...]


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Pages Turning Near a Toasty Fire

"Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself." - author Angela Carter This time of year is a season for celebrations and gathering. It's also a time for recreation and re-creating. … [Read More...]

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Design Your Days

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs This time or year, calendars come out being filled with dreams and projects. Color-coded or … [Read More...]

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Daily Progress (Thoughtography)

"You must structure your life around daily progress based on what matters to you, building practices and activities that allow you to plant new seeds each day, with the knowledge that you … [Read More...]