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GUEST: No Time to Write? 8 Must Have Tools for Business Owners

Written by Haley Osborne Millions dream of running the company but few realize that being in charge means always being at work. For business owners, the idea of a 9 to 5 workday is laughable. Business strategy and management takes more time than anyone can expect, no matter what the industry or size of a business.  […]

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THOUGHTography: MicroContent Matters

Microcontent. Important, but not lengthy.  Short messages often leading to deep content. The next step after publication is to promote your posts and that’s when you turn to microcontent to … [Read More...]


THOUGHTography: Be the Resource

When in Doubt, Ask a Librarian There was a time in my life, before Google became our "find" engine, that the local library and the wonderful person at the reference desk was a great … [Read More...]

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PERSEVERE: Climbing To the Top

“The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there.” ~ Vince Lombardi Climbing to the Top It's not about the rat race or maddening crowd. It's not about looking behind you to see who's … [Read More...]