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METHOD: Coaching with the LIFT Framework

It’s continual, this work of owning and operating a small business, isn’t it? Some clients are recurring, on a retainer or subscription model. Some customers are as regular as clockwork. Some projects, once completed, free up time to do similar projects for others. A journey rather than a destination. Coaching using the LIFT framework works in a continual […]

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How LIFT is Giving Owners a Boost

I help business owners create a better business presence online and offline. I do this by creating training materials and coaching sessions, instructing towards independence using the … [Read More...]

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a man reflects on a mountain top

Pause: An Opportunity to Reorient

"A pause is an opportunity to reorient." - Dan Ward in The Simplicity Cycle. As I am reading Dan Ward's new book, The Simplicity Cycle, I'm getting more familiar with the diagram/map that … [Read More...]