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mobile gaming for business

How Mobile Gaming Can Fit Into Your Small Business

Written by Jessica Oaks If you own a small business, it may not have occurred to you to explore some of the more atypical marketing channels available to you. After all, as a small business owner, you’re likely preoccupied with running the day-to-day operations. And yet, some of these channels can put your product or […]

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LIFT Framework

Enemies of the LIFT Framework

Every hero has its villain. Often times more than one. While the real heroes of this story are the small business owners that receive a boost from the LIFT framework, the LIFT process wages … [Read More...]

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bunch of keys on a ring

The Last Key

Locked Door. Bunch of Keys. Which key works? Choose one. If it doesn't work, choose again. No good? Try another. It's often the last key that fits. Don't give up. … [Read More...]

Pensive Woman Wondering At Window

Find a Better Distraction

Early in Jeff Goins' book, The Art of Work, he addresses Awareness as a key in finding your calling, "Awareness takes practice." One of the earliest points that strikes me as I read the … [Read More...]

start writing

Start With a Sentence

Start with a sentence. Follow with another sentence. Keep the good ones. Writing, Speaking. Cold-calling. Creating. Start. Note: Thoughtography is the concept of an image invoking a … [Read More...]