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Best Ways to Work with Mike Sansone

Retainer: Beck & Call Discovery: Craft & Follow Live Sessions Dialing 8 Membership

IMPORTANT: Every situation is different. And we shouldn’t treat unequal circumstances equally. You don’t want an out-of-the-box solution (you’re business isn’t Hamburger Helper, is it?).

There are three ways to have me start working with you on your project. RetainerDiscovery, and Live Sessions

A Retainer Model: Beck and Call

The beauty of a retainer agreement for you comes down to this word – Priority.

Anyone on a retainer agreement gets immediate attention as best as humanly possible. If your request comes in while I’m driving somewhere, I find a parking lot or a coffee shop and attend to your request.

How do retainer-based agreements work?

We agree on the type of work, coaching, reporting, and output to be done and an anticipated amount of hours of work in a month. For flexibility sake, I often add a few hours so neither our conversations or work gets rushed.

Outsourcing social media on a retainer agreement may include:

  • Weekly Reporting on traffic data, trends, and possible adjustments to make
  • Simple site enhancements, including some design or code work
  • Suggestions of people to connect with, content to consider sharing, or brands to promote
  • Guest posting or Ghost posting (Blog, Twitter, Facebook) when feasible and appropriate
  • Suggestions on additional revenue streams, join venture possibilities, or advertising opportunities

If an occasion calls for it, I might also create artwork, set-up RSS feed aggregators, work up a slideshow, initiate Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages and in rare cases, edit videos or help design the flow/structure of books.

If I’m at your “Beck and Call” – I do whatever it takes, as soon as I can.

Every case, every path, every situation is different. So is the pricing (here are the most popular plans)

Call me (515.802.2273) or email me ( and we’ll discover what’s best for you.

A Discovery Meeting: Craft and Follow

A strategy session, with questions, answers, and ideas to help design your social media strategy.

This idea session is often a two-hour face-to-face conversation(though some have been shorter, some longer).  Except for the ocassions when we can meet at a Panera,  the best way to do this is either via Google+ Hangouts or Skype because we can share screens and documents.

  • We sketch out where your business is, where you want it to go,
  • We discover in detail who your intended audience is: what they’re about, what they’re looking for, and where they commune online.
  • We consider how much time you’ll be able to invest in social business & content marketing, how you’ll track progress, and how you’ll measure success,
  •  We’ll find online examples of how others are doing things online.

And then, within 3-6 days after our initial session, you receive a detailed report with a suggested social plan, including editorial output, tools to put to use, and people or brands to connect with consistently.

The discovery meeting is crucial to the crafting of a social media strategy for your business. Because every industry, every business, every person – and even the goal – is different, there are no cookie-cutter solutions.

Call me (515.802.2273) or email me ( and we’ll find a tie to set up our discovery meeting.

Live Sessions: A 12-Pack of Social Media Coaching

Live Sessions is a bit different than the Retainer Model or Discovery Meeting in how we create a specific and targeted lesson plan designed for you. Each lesson is a 30-minute mini-workshopconducted via Skype or a Google+ Hangout.

Here’s how the 12-pack comes together: You choose from 10 sessions from a list of mini-lessons, then I add two based on what I think you need to work on. You get the recorded version of the lesson, along with a cheat sheet covering the tool we focused on.

The subject matter of these mini-lessons vary from learning to publish and image to a blog post, to editing video using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Some of the most popular mini-lessons include answers to these questions:

  • How to create a hyperlink so it’s part of the text and not the actual address?
  • How to create Tweets that get ReTweeted?
  • How do I get my RSS feed items to style like my blog post?
  • Who should I follow/retweet/pin/friend/circle? Why?
  • What is the quickest way to find a good image?
  • How do I get more readers?
  • Where do I get ideas for new blog posts?
  • How do I generate income from (insert social media tool)?

You can customize your 12-pack of Live Sessions in any manner. Preferably, we schedule in advance over a 8-10 week span, though we leave room for some scheduling flexibility.

Call me (515.802.2273) or email me ( and we’ll put together your 12-pack of Live Sessions.

The Dialing 8 Project: Private, Premium Learning Community

The Dialing 8 Project is designed to be a professional learning community. Centered around the profitable and simplified use of social media and social networks as an augmentation to your core business.

We build our learning around the Dial of 8 social media model, so that business owners can integrate social media into their business plan (and not have social media take over their business).

Members get full access to:

  • Core Content
  • Screen Cast tutorials
  • Membership Forums and Directory
  • Video Conference Workshops (twice each week)
  • Live Co-Working using Google Hangouts
  • eBooks & eLearning Modules
  • Templates & Organizers

The site is intended for small businesses, rural business, independent contractors, and solopreneurs. Join Dialing 8 Today – stay strong, last long. And at $271 year, you can’t go wrong.

A couple of other ways we can work together:

Social Media Audit: $300
I’ll look through all your social media presence (or absence) and send a report that will include: Points of Strength; Points of Weakness; Tools to Use; Fringe Niches to Tap Into; Potential Keywords or Searches to Follow; Read/Follow These Folks; 5 Things to Do Now; 5 Things to Not Do Anymore

Shingle Pages: Starting at $200
A “shingle page” is a single web page, a perfect starter kit for a new business or rural business. Facebook Landing pages (starting at $400) are also a great way to get started.