Framework Your Google+ for Business Page


You have your Google+ Page for your business. Awesome. Good job on the Launch & Pause. Now what? There are some logistics and verification we'll attend to, but we'll get to that in another post. Let's think about how we'll use this new bit of real estate on the web. For years, smart businesses have seen Google as a tool that lets everyone become better: Google … [Read more...]

Time to Get Your GoMo On. Improve Your Mobile Presence

If your site isn't mobile friendly, you're losing business. And it's going to get worse unless you get better. Time to get your GoMo on with the help of Google's new mobile initiative: [tentblogger-youtube Ja7abx3OPOQ] There's a free test of your current site with GoMo Meter. The GoMo Meter will display how your site looks on a mobile device. With four different types of … [Read more...]

Does Your Intro Catch the Eye of Google+ or Google Reader?

Most copy pros will say your leading line is the most important. How many words do you have to catch a reader's eye? How many characters? If you look at Google+ or Google Reader ... That's it. That line above is about 35 words, somewhere between 180 -190 characters. The introductory line above is what should show up in Google Reader after the Title. It's what Google+ will … [Read more...]

8 Spokes on a Social Media Dial: Spheres of Influence


Quick review from the introduction to the 8 Spokes on a Social Media Dial: Your blog is the hub ad foundation of your social media play The tools in the social media landscape are still launching at a frenzied pace You don't want to get caught up in the frenzy Rather than focus on the individual tools, we focus on the 8 spokes Clicking on the Dialing 8 image will … [Read more...]

8 Spokes on a Social Media Dial

8 Spokes on the Social Media Dial

If you're among the camp that's thinking there's just too much social media - you may be in the majority. If one more tool or update comes out next week . . . Before you pull out all your hair or start deleting your accounts, let's look at things a bit differently. (And I agree, there's a whole lotta tools out there and it can get confusing, but we're gonna calm this storm, … [Read more...]

Comparing Apples to Oranges, Google Plus is the Grocery Cart

Apples or Oranges

Questions and opinions are still actively volleyed around whether Google Plus or Facebook (or Twitter) is going to be the best Social Network. Let's not be to quick to call an Apple an Orange (sometimes our own reflection can deceive us). I'll go out on a limb here (after all, that's where the fruit hangs): If Facebook is an Orange and Twitter is an Apple, Google Plus is … [Read more...]

What is The Dialing 8 Project?


For seven years I've coached companies and individuals on how to use Social Media to extend their voice (and their listening eyes) so they can make better connections, amplify their relationships, and create new business. During that time, I've also been writing ConverStations. With close to 1700 blog posts, but none going to in-depth in order to save time, attention, and … [Read more...]

Google Plus Search: A Small Business Customer Finder


Between appointments I checked Google Plus on my iPhone and noticed something new (to me). At the top there was a menu and one of the choices was Nearby. I clicked on it and saw several entries of  "what I'm doing" or photos with a Google Places pin. What a great find! I know, you might be thinking "Why on earth would I need to know what people are doing and where?" Let's … [Read more...]

Dialing 8 in Social Media: Strong and Long

Dialing 8

Don't treat unequal circumstances equally. Every business is different and unique, therefore the Social Media strategy and its tactics should also be unique to each business and its customers. Still, it is helpful to have a starting point, a template if you will. To build roots for a business just beginning (or refreshing) its social media play, I've designed a model … [Read more...]