Surfing Smart with these Bookmarklets

This post originally published on 2/20/07: Several folks have asked me what bookmarklets I use in my work. Though I have buttons for FriendFeed, Magnolia, Diigo, and VodPod (in addition to the StumbleUpon toolbar), the ones listed below are the standards I use to mark and watch content in my daily infosumption ----- A good portion of my work is coaching companies on how to … [Read more...]

Zemanta is Your Blogging Assistant

I've been using Zemanta as an browser-embedded blog assistant for quite some time. It helps me find relevant images and outgoing When I'm working with folks on my computer, they "ooh" and "aah" at how many resources Zemanta offers up as potential add-ons in the form of images and relevant links. Images: Relevant images from sources such as Flickr, … [Read more...]

YouTube Blocked? Use Zamzar or KeepVid

YouTube is still getting blocked by way too many corporations and schools. For awhile, my Sprint EVDO card made it a moot point - but I need to get a newer card for a faster speed. A blocked firewall and a slow connection would normally place a hurdle in front of our trying to view valuable videos on marketing or education or creativity...or whatever. Enter Zamzar or KeepVid. … [Read more...]

Lunch n Learn with Lookybook

Lookybook is a great tool for teachers and parents who don't have the budget or time to find great picture books. You can either go to the Lookybook site or embed one of the books in your own blog or wiki (click on the eyballs to go to a larger version): As with many Web 2.0 tools that allow for embedding, just look for the code and copy/paste. Here's the page for the Lazy … [Read more...]

SSDT: Google as a Librarian

In our Same Stuff, Different Tools (SSDT) series, we'll start where most people start -- Google. I remember decades ago when we had a question, we'd call the librarian. Of course, there was no Google, no Barnes & Noble, and Dave Taylor wasn't taking questions yet. We'd ask the librarian our question, and often they would ask a question back -- just trying to be clear about … [Read more...]

Metpahors for Social Media: Same Stuff, Different Tools

One reason I always find an offline metaphor for an online tool is because...well, because who goes online but people - people who live offline. We are social creatures. Always have been, always will be. While we crave independence, we find meaning with interdependence (and meandering without it). In Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky writes, "Communication tools don't … [Read more...]

Disqus Flagged & Flogged the Spam

I received a note from Disqus this morning, as they flagged a comment on an old post as spam.NOTE: This message has been flagged as spam.  You may respond with "Delete" to delete this message or "Approve" to approve this message.  You may also respond with your response to automatically approve the post and post your response at the same … [Read more...]

Seesmic – New Tool in the Set

I'm trying out Seesmic video today. Seesmic is one of the latest tools I'm starting to use in the conversphere to engage and connect. I've also been using FriendFeed (LOVE IT!), BrightKite, Twine, Disqus, and UStream (we live-streamed one of Angela's workshops yesterday) More to come soon. The globetrotting is slowing down next week. … [Read more...]