Deliberate Practice (Thoughtography)

Soccer Players with Todd Henry Quote

"...dedicate yourself to deliberate practice, meaning that you break down your bigger objectives and tasks into smaller skills and then work purposefully to develop them over time." ~ Todd Henry in Slow and Steady Does Not Win the Race Deliberate practice = breaking down your bigger objectives and tasks into smaller skills + work purposefully to develop them over … [Read more...]

Sitcoms with Small Business at Center Stage (Intros)

Intro to Taxi Sitcom

Running a small business can sometimes be a funny business - especially on television. There have been a number of sitcoms with small business at center stage or the stage itself. George Jefferson owned a dry cleaners with multiple locations. Bob Newhart operated a bed and breakfast in Vermont. Alan Thicke was a stay-at-home, work-from-home dad in Growing Pains. Wings was a … [Read more...]

The Art of Questions and Interviews for Content (Video Clips)

Screenshot of The Interview Movie

Lots of small business owners struggle for fresh content to publish. While "Listen to Your Day" is one of our favorite tips, the practice of questions and interviews can be a great way to gather content. Larry King, Charlie Rose, and Oprah have made careers out of doing just that. Here are a few clips on asking questions and what to do with them. Search engines can also be a … [Read more...]

Return of Friday Flutterings – As a Video Series

Video Still of Friday Flutterings 001

In a rhythm and motion of Launch Stacking, the debut of a new weekly video series and a return of Friday Flutterings (formerly a text-based series) begins today. In previous weeks, SubClubs (a membership plan) and the SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcast were launched. Now, an introduction of a new weekly video series: Friday Flutterings... [tentblogger-youtube P0znasSpm5o] With … [Read more...]

Creating a Reviews Page for Your Site

hands clapping in audience

Getting reviews on social networking sites can boost the findability of your business pages. Creating a reviews page for your site lets your visitors know where and how they can share their opinions. While it's not recommended to outright ask for positive reviews, letting your customers know how they can share their thoughts is an extension of great service. Instead of … [Read more...]

Why I Launched a Daily Podcast Show

SmallBiz Tracks Show

This past week, SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcast Show went live. The first shows are live in iTunes and Stitcher. When the idea of a daily podcast show (Monday through Friday) popped into my head, I immediately dismissed the notion. Who has time to do a daily podcast? Let alone weekly? But the idea kept creeping back in. So I subscribed to a couple of daily "micro-podcasts" … [Read more...]

See the Forest Before Chopping the Tree

in the middle of tall trees

Every business owner faces big projects of varying size and matter. Taking a big project one step at a time is a smart way to get through a forest of such projects. See the forest, one tree at a time. Still, what's the end goal, the big picture? What tools, personnel, and resources are needed to complete each step? Too often, th0se questions are asked in reverse. Strategy … [Read more...]

YouTube as a Knowledge Base

Screenshot of a YouTube How To Video

With 4 billion video views each day and over 40% of the traffic coming from mobile devices (see the stats), YouTube is a great asset in learning and coaching. Using YouTube as a knowledge base for you and your customers is a great way to build business and a better business presence. Short, branded videos are a great way to show off your expertise and give potential … [Read more...]

Your Big Project

By the Book: Learning to be an Expert

You can do it yourself, but you don't have time. You can do it yourself, but you don't want to. It's not fun. It's too messy. It's boring. You can do it yourself, but someone else can do it in much less time. You can do it yourself, but you're not sure you really understand it. You can learn how to do it, but that will take time. You can learn how to do it, but … [Read more...]

How Often Should I Blog? (A Truth)

Pages from a Calendar

The question, "How Often Should I Blog?" comes up daily. There is a large variety of answers - many of which are good answers, even though they're different. With so many ways and reasons for blogging, let's set a few parameters for this piece: To begin, let's put the practice of business blogging into two large buckets. Blogging as a Business and Blogging for a Business. … [Read more...]