Thanks for Extending the ConverStations Outward

Among the real powerful benefits of blogging is how conversations connect us together, yet stretch us farther. I'd like to thank those that took time to elaborate, instigate, debate and extend some of the ConverStations outward in the month of November: If Forrest Gump was a Business Blogger by Jim Turner who shares a few of his Gumpisms worth spreading. Thanks for the … [Read more...]

December Blog Hat Tipping

For this year, the final page turnsAnd the first is Blogtipping DayWorking my hind-knee off, need an escapeThese blogs help keep stress at bay: Blog Hat Tip #1: Knife Gun PenArtist: Robert Bruce Blog Hat Tip #2: TrainOprhansArtist: Jeffrey Gitchel Blog Hat Tip #3: Christine KaneArtist: Yep - Christine Kane Instead of a tip, a doff of my capTaking time just to say thanksIt's … [Read more...]

The Milk of The Matter

Recently, I created a new page I call Itinerary - a collection of cornerstone posts or "the meat of the matter" on business blogging. I've come to realize that this may be too much to digest for prospective business bloggers. Where would they begin? Is it too much info too soon? I've created an additional page, A Newcomer's Guide - a smaller collection of posts or … [Read more...]

The Velvet Rope Will Get Thicker

A few days ago, I asked Is Your Company Blog Simply Marketing Insurance? Quite a few people picked up on this in comments and posts elsewhere. See the blurb above my picture here? For those reading a feed, it says: "Believing that Blogs are Conversation Stations, we coach business leaders to use blogs and feeds as platforms for conversations. Connect with your customers and … [Read more...]

Blogging by Telephone?

Sure. Blogging is a conversation, right? Last night, I had the pleasure of listening to Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff (aka The Blog Squad) interview Tris Hussey about Measuring Your Blog Audience as part of their Conversations With Experts series. Good stuff. A bit of a conundrum tonight, though. There are two events (TeleBloginars?) happening - and I'm unable to be at … [Read more...]

Information Overload or Poor Time Management?

When it comes to reading RSS feeds, maybe both - probably neither. A successful restaurateur was recently asked if he greeted every customer every time they came in the door. The answer was no. He'd like to, and he greets every one he sees, but sometimes his his work keeps him in the kitchen. But he still loves each of his customers. A friend who is an avid reader and collector … [Read more...]

Is Your Company Blog Simply Marketing Insurance?

We're hearing more about and from companies launching blogs (good news), and many are doing it because it's the hot marketing tactic (bad news). One company that gave blogging a try a few months ago didn't think it worked at all. They didn't link to other sites, especially those of value to their target audience They didn't comment on other sites Their posts were written … [Read more...]

The Real Thing About Blogs – Amplify and Filter

I'd like to teach the business world to blog,Building a networked community.But if they won't hear my voiceThey should read this from A VC It's the Real Thing About Blogs:" blog acts as an amplifier and a filter."                                  - Fred … [Read more...]

Dialing 8 – Kami Huyse

In hotels, Dialing 8 was calling long distance. In baseball, Dialing 8 is a home run. In blogging, Dialing 8 is a set of posts from a blogger that I find lasting long and being strong - the cornerstones. Communication Overtones by Kami Huyse The New Public Relations The Culture of Generosity in Social Media Your Take: PR as Stakeholder Advocates Work Interrupted: Is a PR Blog … [Read more...]

Snap Preview: Cool Tool or Interruption?

I first saw the Snap Preview Anywhere tool on Douglas Karr's site, and I thought i was pretty cool. Today, after reading a John Jantsch post, I decided we'd give it a try here. Looking for assistance here, is the pop-up preview a benefit or an interruption? I think this tool will be a great addition to our Blogroll page, but I don't know if it works well on this front page. I … [Read more...]