The Conversations You Want to Have

As your company/business ventures into the blogosphere or social network arena, remember: It's Not About the Message You Want to Deliver,It's About the Conversations You Want to Have. Be the conversationalist you want your customer to be. … [Read more...]

Remembering Septemberings

Remembering some of ConverStations September posts When the Lights Go On, We Move Forward - a peek at how I coach business bloggers, especially in the early stages. Discovery Along The Blogging Path - how we do a quick search for relevant blog posts to hyperlink Blogs Posts are Inventory, Blog Sites are Displays - thinking about what's most valuable in our blogging … [Read more...]

Elements of Emulation


Found this over at BrandAutopsy and also on TheBrandingBlog: Built by Kolbrener, corporate branding experts        Couple o' things: Notice how Kolbrener made it easy for others to grab and share the content by putting up code to copy and paste. There are also social bookmarking buttons for Digg and StumbleUpon. Give your audience easy ways to share your … [Read more...]

BlogWorld Expo: Important Stats

Found this list of numbers at BlogWorld Expo Over 12 million American adults currently maintain a blog. More than 147 million Americans use the Internet. Over 57 million Americans read blogs. 1.7 million American adults list making money as one of the reasons they blog. 89% of companies surveyed say they think blogs will be more important in the next five years. 9% of internet … [Read more...]

ConverStations Goes Mobile with FeedM8


I put this blog site through the quick-n-easy FeedM8 process yesterday. Took about all of about 7 minutes. I like it so much, I've put it in the navigation, making it easier to read ConverStations on a mobile device. I've been suggesting to web developers around here to make sure they test their client's sites on mobile devices - though these are the same Horse 'n' Buggy folks … [Read more...]

Digital Do More Challenge – $1,000 Prize

The Greater Des Moines Partnership's Digital Do More Challenge is accepting video submissions until the end of the month. The Official Rules include a few suggestions on how to put your best video forward, including the judging criteria: Originality (40%) Overall Appeal (30%) Likelihood to Motivate People to Move/Stay in Greater Des Moines (30%) They've created a Digital Do … [Read more...]

Business Bloggers: Mingle With Your Audience

In Get Out From Behind the Counter, we talked about eliminating barriers from our customers in an offline setting. As business bloggers, it may be more of "Get Down Off the Pedestal", remembering to get out into the audience once in awhile. Off the stage, into the audience. In a recent workshop, while I was in front of the group, the mood was a bit...tense … [Read more...]

IowaBiz Breakfast Series Kick-Off

It's been a privilege to work and blog alongside some brilliant small business experts over at IowaBiz. Now, this great resource is going offline with a monthly Business Building Breakfast series, sponsored by Professional Solutions Insurance Services. Each hour-long event begins at 7:30 AM. Come hear some Iowa business brains share their expertise on various small business … [Read more...]

Take off the Technology Blinders

Sometimes it's like those old westerns.  The final scene.  Just as the gunfighters appear on the street, it happens.  Windows slam shut, doors are barred, everyone under cover.  Now, we're ready for the fight. As we begin to talk about blogging and social media, I can hear the sounds of doors and windows in people's minds as they run for cover. AAACK … [Read more...]