Do You Read Your Feed?

Do you subscribe to and read your own feed?  You should. Where does the image show up? Is it interrupting a sentence? Too big? Is your feed being delivered with jumbled code? Or 500 words in one paragraph? Does that video show up in the feed (probably not)? Should you also put that URL in the post? Subscribing to your own feed is like checking the window display in your … [Read more...]

Blue Ribbon Bloggers ’07 – Construction

In celebration of the Iowa State Fair, we're offering virtual Blue Ribbons to various categories of business blogs. Here's a review of our 2006 Blue Ribbon Bloggers. We'll start in the construction industry: Home builders, landscapers, plumbers, roofers...folks who build the things. Some notes on the way to the award: Northfield Construction Company was one of the first small … [Read more...]

Blue Ribbon Business Blogs – Opening Day

Today marks the opening of the Iowa State Fair. Last year, I offered up Blue Ribbons in various categories of business thinkers. This year, I'll be focusing on types of business (retail, restaurants, hotels, etc). If you know of a business that blogs, one I may not be aware of, shoot me an email (link in the sidebar). The first ribbons will be handed out tomorrow. The Iowa … [Read more...]

Afraid of Technology?

I have no idea how one of these things works, but I use it often (especially on weekends). Frankly, I don't want to know how it works, only that it does work - and that it's easy to use. I don't want to see the schematic drawings or code that it took to build it.  But here's the rub -- just because I don't understand the technology or mechanics of it, doesn't mean I don't … [Read more...]

Google News Goes Interactive

From Blogoscoped: Google News Adds Comments Google is testing out an interactive feature allowing particpants of a story  to comment on the story. Those comments will appear in the Google News Search results. Great idea (here's hoping it works), because though the mainstream media often complains about the inaccuracies of blogger/journalists - there are plenty of misquotes … [Read more...]

Building a Community is Not About You – It’s About Them

Durbin Media has offers a roundup of fantastic Community and Social Media posts from experts in the field. Each worth a read. Here's the thing: Want butts in the seats?  Don't simply build the stadium. The stadium isn't the draw - and if it is, it'll get old fast. Ask the Baltimore Orioles. Offer a "sense" of ownership.  I don't own MyBlogLog, but I have … [Read more...]

Be Aware: The Ides of March

The Ides of March - also known as the Ideas of Marcus (Brown). If your business has a problem to solve or needs a jumpstart - send your query to Marcus. He'll do his stuff (magic? artistry?) and produce an idea.  If you like it - you pay for it (you choose the amount). If you don't like it, he'll keep the idea and post it on his blog. Sounds like win-win to me.  … [Read more...]

Iowa Blogs – Is Yours on the List?

When I first started talking to Iowa businesses about blogging, I created as a blogroll of sites produced by Iowans.  The goal was to show companies that blogs were being published in a variety of genres and topics - and many of the publishers were part of their target market. Finding blogs by Iowans wasn't a challenge - there was plenty.  In fact, too … [Read more...]

AdAge Power 150 – Top Marketing Blogs

Todd Andrlik's Power 150 has partnered with AdAge to create the AdAge Power 150. Several things to note: Todd created this list in January as a way to rank and file marketing blogs. An SVP (Speculative Volunteer Project). In March, he received a boost from TechBrew so the process could be automated. Collaboration by two tireless and giving bloggers (I wonder if Mark and Todd … [Read more...]

Facebook vs LinkedIn

At last Friday's Central Iowa Bloggers gathering, I spoke up that I thought Facebook has the potential to someday replace LinkedIn as the social network of choice for professionals. Paul Gillin, author of The New Influencers, shares his thoughts in Facebook Deserves Marketers' Attention"If it keeps up this momentum, Facebook has the chance to succeed where earlier … [Read more...]