January Blogtipping – Let’s Make Music

Along with Running, one of my other new habits will be learning to play the piano this year. I've purchased the keyboard (a steal of a deal) and look forward to its arrival. Until then, I thought I'd brush up on some musical blogs...and I found some worth tipping: Music Matters: Natalie!  I'm so gonna love this site. Tons of great resources and depth. Suggestion(s): A … [Read more...]

The Rules According to…


In the current issue of More (still my favorite magazine), "The Rules According to..." features Helena Bonham Carter has a great outline for her career. We're gonna modify the text, but use her outline as a guide for blogging: Find your voice: In her new movie, the musical Sweeney Todd, she sings. She didn't know she could really sing at this level...until she did … [Read more...]

Quotes n Notes: Stronger

"That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger "- Friedrich Nietzsche (not Kanye) This is been one whale of a year!  Challenges in Business (dissolved a company), Health (Kidney Failure) and Personal (never you mind). Though I'm not looking for a repeat, I'm better for having gone through the tests. And again, I thank you who have been behind me and beside me. Of … [Read more...]

A Switch (Trip) of Domain Hosts

Apparently there's been a hiccup in switching domain name hosts.  I switched from Network Solutions to GoDaddy and a parking page currently appears in place of my site. I've done this several times before without a hitch...maybe it was the holidays.  Probably just propagating.  Feed still works, though.  We'll have it fixed soon  (I'll probably delete … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays on the Run


My friends Amy and Tom at the Runners' Lounge are building a great community of runners around the globe. They began with a blog while building out their web site. They understand that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.  They are contagious and inspiring. So...I will be off to a running start in '08 - there, I've said it out loud. My 2008 resolution is to become a … [Read more...]

Whistle Stops Weekender 12/23/07

A few conversations or tips I picked up while traversing the blogosphere: 49 Ways to Become an Idea Powerhouse at Hello, My Name is Scott: The final (?) installment during A Week Of Ridiculously Long Lists may be the best. I'd love to say # 2 is my fave, but it's tied with 48 others. Just Started a Blog? Submit Your Blog Here for a Boost at Remarkablogger: Love the idea, … [Read more...]

Pete Blackshaw: ConverStations will be a 2008 Buzzword

Pete Blackshaw at ConsumerGeneratedMedia offers his thoughts on 2008 Buzzwords...and Converstations makes the list. "Converstations": Brands now have multiple entry points for meaningful dialogues or conversations with consumers. These are essentially converstations. Brands fully immersed in CGM or social media may have dozens of conversations, from the consumer … [Read more...]

There’s No Blogging Mafia in Iowa — But There is a Family

About a year ago, someone tabbed me with the moniker of "The Blogfather" of the Iowa Blogging Mafia.  As a well-trained Sicilian, I denied knowledge of any "mafia," but did mention we have a family of (all) sorts, something we call the Iowa Blogga Nostra. And my, has the family grown. The Des Moines Business Record recently featured our family in their weekly issue. As … [Read more...]

I Love My Blog


I really dig when my students say, "I Love My Blog!" Thankfully, it happens more often than not. It means when they find a Baby Blog mess, they won't be throwing the baby out into the blog waters. Those who don't "love" their blog (or at least the effort), probably aren't going to last long at the blogging wheel. I really love MY blog. Today, its role as a … [Read more...]

Hey Writer, What’s the Blog Idea?

This is part of a series of posts on Blog Literacy from the writer's perspective. I don't know about you, but when I land on a site for the very first time, I do a likkety-split thin-slice to get a gist of the writer's purpose. As a writer, we need to know what the reader is likely to do, and provide the pathways we want them to take. As a reader, we want to know what the … [Read more...]