A Few Quick Whistle Stops

I used to love Larry King's column in the USA Today. Quick thoughts before breakfast (Corn Flakes and box scores - Larry's line, not mine)... The more I show Rohit's Bio page to customers, the closer I get to implementing it for everyone I work with...  Matt Dickman adding video to Buzz Friday took it from good read to must read... Diggin' the potential of Evoca (your … [Read more...]

Lost in the Archives

I have a collection of blog posts in the Itinerary section, and a smaller collection for Newcomers to Blogging. Here are a few posts that may have gotten lost in the archives - worth dusting off for a read: Blog Whisper: Fascinating Rhythm (Jun 06) Companies Don't Blog - People Do (May 06) The 6 Ps of BizBlog Practice (Apr 06) What's on Your 'To Cause' List? (Apr 06) Forget the … [Read more...]

An Hour In the Life. My Blogging Schedule

Joanna Young recently noticed I found my rhythm for blog posting (April and May were pretty tough) and asked if I'd share the secret... I've longed coached folks with the mantra, "An Hour and Outta There" when it comes to their business blog.  We've got businesses to run, right? I became trapped in my own time frame.  I'd sit down to write a blog post … [Read more...]

Typepad Free Trial – 14 Days

In most cases, I recommend a business or company open a Free Trial (Pro Account) with Typepad before we begin working on their business blog.  After submitting all the payment data, you can choose a layout, template and choose the publicity level. Also in that step, is where you set the blog to be publicized (indexed by search engines) or not. I always suggest choosing … [Read more...]

Graduates: Do You Own YourName.com?

Right about this time, parents are wondering how long it will be before the "graduation vacation" is over. Time to enter the next phase of life. Up to this point, it was practice. I've read alot of tips for graduates, but one thing that every one should try to claim sooner rather than later is www.YourName.com. I know, you might think you're the only Mike Sansone out … [Read more...]

One Band – One Voice

One Band, Several Players, One Voice.  Does it work in the blogosphere? I was talking social media with a small company today that provides a great service to their customers. Before I went in, I knew their thought was to create a single unified voice for their blog. Not several authors blogging as individuals, but several authors as a single company voice. This is how … [Read more...]

What’s in My Glass? It’s Not a Liquid

Both Terry (the originator) and Drew (the bartender) have asked me "What's in Your Glass?" Here's how this is working: How full is your glass? What kind of glass is it? What's in the glass? Reasons for above. Telling everyone my cup is filled with Panera coffee would surprise no one. So let's look at this differently: My glass is often full, but the contents often … [Read more...]

Chicken in Spaghetti Sauce? Why Would Anyone?

The first meal I cooked for my wife was spaghetti sauce. No meatballs. Chicken. Cooked in the sauce. She was almost appalled at the thought. "Why would anyone do that?" What? The only way to eat sauce is with meatballs? That's what she thought. This morning, this Des Moines Register article on Twitter had Panera all...well...atwitter. Business people were almost … [Read more...]

Is Your Industry Blogging? Who’s the Coach?

Is your industry making its presence felt in the blogosphere? Lawyers have been diving into the blogosphere for a long time, led by the stellar work of LexBlogs. The Real Estate profession has Blogging Systems and the social media network ActiveRain. Credit Unions are getting a big boost from the wonderful work of Trabian. Civil Servants and Community Leaders in Minnesota … [Read more...]

Quotes n Notes: Listen Well

""That was well-listened." - Brett Rogers Well-spoken? You bet. Well-Listened? I've only heard Brett say it - but Brett is a well-listened guy. And great listening involves more than just ears. Eyes should listen to the body language. Your gut should sense mood (yes, I believe "gut instinct" is a sense).  Poor listening is a stumbling block to the … [Read more...]