A Cup of Coffee – is a Conversation Station

A cup of coffee listening to a conversation

If you can find a place for your customers to gather, it builds a buzz around your business and keeps them coming back. - A gift shop offers coffee or tea to their walk-ins. They linger a bit while sharing conversation. The store almost always has people in it. - A book store offers bottled water and has a table-top game area for people to commune. - A health food … [Read more...]

Short Steps are Better than Shortcuts

footsteps walking along brick path

"The longest way round is the shortest way home." ~ Proverbial wisdom Many are thrust into free agency in this "gig economy" and are looking for shortcuts to success. Shopkeepers and small business owners who are just now getting into social media, realizing it's not a fad, are looking for the quick wins. It really doesn't work that way. If it seems like someone … [Read more...]

Conversation Stations: Platforms for Your Business

Conversation over Coffee with Smartphone

There are many platforms for your business on and off the web. These platforms become conversation stations for your business. Building a business presence used to begin with a shingle, a yellow pages listing, a newspaper ad, and a business card. Build better presence? Try a billboard, a commercial, or sponsor a little league team. Of course, word-of-mouth is always … [Read more...]

Do You Really Connect via Social Media Invitations?

Multiple Chains Forming a Connection

Social Media invitations start at a trickle when you first launch out on a platform, but soon a flood of requests to connect, follow, like, or circle come your way. What do you do? Quickly Reciprocate or Ignore Altogether? For some, quick reciprocity is a reaction. After all, it's what one hopes for at the outset, so a quick click of acceptance seems like higher … [Read more...]

Wisdom from Wounds (Thoughtography)

Elderly Woman with a Young Smile

As a business owner, risks are taken daily. Sometimes the wounds are financial, but the potential for hurt extends beyond business.  The wounds can be crippling if you let them. To you, and your business. Don't let that happen. "Turn your wounds into wisdom." ~ Oprah Winfrey Photo on Flickr by Patrick Doheny … [Read more...]

Samples of SlideShare (Visual Lessons)

Each Saturday, we share a few video clips or lessons that might motivate you, teach you a new trick, or get you thinking about new data or trends. While most of the media we share on these types of posts is video, an excellent and not-to-be-neglected platform is SlideShare.net. SlideShare allows you to post presentation decks or inforgraphics, PDFs or other documents, videos … [Read more...]

Lessons on Wisdom, Risk, and Possibility (Saturday Clips)

Occasionally, I will ask people a few questions that take us into what I would call "Bigger Small Talk".  The subjects of Wisdom, Risk, and Possibility are favorites because there are no two answers alike and it begins an extraction of belief systems and deep-rooted thinking. Here are a few clips that might stir-up your mind or answers to those very questions: What is … [Read more...]

Coping with Highs and Lows in Workload When Running Your Own Business

Team Meeting with Flip Chart

Written by Julie Shrum of Midlake Products Coping with Highs and Lows in Your Workload When You Run Your Own Business Running your own business can of course be very rewarding and equally it can be very challenging, as you try to create a regular flow of work and income. There will inevitably be peaks and troughs in your workload, resulting in times when you might be … [Read more...]

A Few Go-To Sites

Two Ways to Get News - iPhone and Paper

It can be difficult to find trusted resources on the web, those you would call "go-to" sites. With all the content coming at us in various forms of media, it can be difficult wading through the noise to find the signal. Skimming and Scanning has become our reading style. There are a few sites I consider go-to sites on certain topics, and there are a few people who I'll … [Read more...]

NFL Draft Style of Building a Small Business Presence

football lines prior to snap

The NFL Draft has become a mega media event. Once a quiet weekend event that you would read about in Monday's paper, it's now split up into three days, with two prime-time slots on weeknights. Teams select players in hopes to improve their teams for the upcoming year(s). While quarterbacks get a lot of the story coverage, it's interesting to watch how the teams build by … [Read more...]