Recycle a Blog Post Day: Blog Posts are Your Inventory

I learned through Gavin Heaton that today is Recycle a Blog Post Day (it even has a Twitter Hashtag going - #rabpday). With that in mind, here is one post that has been recycled the most through email and in conversations:Blog Posts are Inventory - Blog Sites are Displays What's more important in retail?  The display case or the inventory in the case?  … [Read more...]

Brunch n Brains: Let’s Think Like a Designer

Got run over from a drive-by velvet steamroller with Garr Reynolds post on 10 Tips on How to Think Like a Designer post and companion slideshow. The show below includes notes and if you click through to SlideShare, you can view the complete notes below the presentation.Attention Teachers Marketers Consultants Everyone: Slide No. 5 6 8 All points are important. Don't miss … [Read more...]

links for 2009-07-30

13 Mistakes Authors Make on Their Blogs - Business Blogging - How to Build A Better Blog Whether novice or seasoned, this checklist is a must-read and act-upon (tags: blogging writing) Unsolicited Advice - Install these applications on your Mac! [Advice] A great list in timely fashion (especially the DoubleCommand tip). Still getting used to my Mac. (tags: productivity … [Read more...]

Brunch n Brains: Add a Tweet

Keeping in mind Day #9 of the Sansone Way, a new tool I'll be recommending to all is Add-A-Tweet. This Firefox plugin will help you provide your tweeps with the resources you find along your Infosumption journey. Welcome to addatweet! from addatweet on Vimeo. Very easy to use. I'm sensing that I'll have Add-A-Tweet open full-time in my browser. … [Read more...]

Dang Technology! I Prefer Face-to-Face

That's what they said. About the telephone."Why would you want to talk on some contraption when you can go down the road a wee bit and visit? You won't find a phone in my home. I prefer face-to-face."Well, the phone didn't take away face-to-face back then, in fact -- some folks would say the tool enhanced the talk.Really, really?  So can Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn … [Read more...]

A Blog Site is Like an Orange

Some teachers say reading non-fiction is like an orange.  The main idea is in the slice, the big idea is the whole of the fruit. Blogs are similar to oranges. I've written before on how Blog Posts are Your Inventory. In a similar vein, your blog posts are the slices to your orange. Each post is a slice (and please -- one post/one point), the blog site as a whole is the … [Read more...]

links for 2009-07-19

25 Free Apps And Websites For Tech-Loving Teachers | Blogging & Technology | So You Want To Teach? Some great sites to share or use in your classroom and/or your PLN (tags: tools education resource PD resources edtech) The Generation M Manifesto - Umair Haque - Generation M is more about what you do and who you are than when you were born. (tags: … [Read more...]

Brunch n Brains: How Clear is Your Sales Eye?

Love the line: "Sales isn't just a profession, it's a skill set." It's part of a great presentation that any profession or discipline can SCAMPER or tap into.Sales Eye For The Non-Profit GuyView more documents from Kelsey Ruger.More with Kelsey Ruger: - Web Site - Twitter … [Read more...]

Brunch n Brains: United Breaks Guitars

The ground is getting more and more level every day. Consumers have voice. Sometimes the voice is a complaining in tone. We call these people "complaintant." Many companies hate that this is going on. Ignore it even. Of course, there is a name for people/companies who ignore things. We call these people "ignore-ant."For nine months, Dave Carroll followed the path (and jumped … [Read more...]