Quotes n Notes: Perseverance

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Sir Thomas Foxwell Buxton It's almost halftime. In a week, I will have completed my 45th year of life. There's an old saying about the game of life: "Nothing is less important than the score at halftime." I'm not sure I totally agree with that, but the point is well-taken. Here are some of … [Read more...]

Good News for WebDev Folks

Michael Bloch of Taming the Beast shares a study showing that 30% of US small businesses are still without a web site. Mid-size businesses check in with 15% not having their own site. Not surprising on this end. I've been doing research for some rural Chamber of Commerce and Merchant Associations. Frankly, I'm surprised the number isn't higher. Take a look at Old Town Salinas … [Read more...]

Why Not?

Why Not... wave to the pedestrian as you drive by? say "hi" with a smile to everyone you see? look for the good in others - and find it? give a friend a hug in public? say " we love you" to a customer? have a conversation with a stranger (and listen first)? think of a blog as a tool for conversations, rather than a technology to master? Why Not? :-)  … [Read more...]

FeedBurner adds Blogbeat to Analytics Menu

FeedBurner's acquisition of Blogbeat adds more strength to its menu of analytical services. I currently use Google Analytics (site) and FeedBurner (feed) to measure metrics for visits, clickthrough, reach, etc. With FeedBurner's addition, I look forward to having all stats under one service. I've said it before - if you offer a feed, but aren't measuring your feed stats, … [Read more...]

The Gift of Geek

Some people say I have a "gift of gab" - which hopefully means that I give my ears up to listen to others gab (right?)... My friend Kyle has a natural "gift of geek" He recently hit the blogging ground full-speed and has yet to pull up with a limp. In fact, just this morning he shares his tips on Gimp - an affordable Adobe Photoshop-like image editor. Make … [Read more...]

Ready to Get Naked?

In transferring files and bookmarks, I ran across this article from the October issue of Fast Company, Is Mad. Ave Ready to Get Naked? Love this quote from Mark Finney:"I used to kid myself I wasn't going bald," said Mark Finney, the clearly hairless head of media for Orange, Europe's third-largest wireless carrier. "I'd pull my hair forward, I'd cover it over … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned Without a Computer

I'm in the process of transferring files from my Compaq heap to a new Sony VAIO FE. Even with a new computer, hiccups and speed bumps have been abundant. After getting the computer, my brother and I went to Panera to start setting up. I loaded my bag with the computer and software, he carried the power supply and digital camera. Before the night was through, he decided not to … [Read more...]

Business Blog Workshop Webinars: Poll

We've been putting together thoughts and plans to launch a a webinar series for Blog Workshops as webinars. I could use your help. The webinar will offer the workshops to a larger audience. The webinars will be live via telephone, and our presentation/coaching will be available simultaneous with web browsing capabilities. We're woking with Zane Safrit's great team at Conference … [Read more...]

Quick Thoughts from a Short Week

What is it about this week that made it so hectic? Rumor has it that everyone took a few days off. I must've missed something...More thoughts on Content is King, Community is the Kingdom it serves: Design is Queen, she brings and holds everything together (if she's good)... Find the common ground and you have a foundation for a community...there are several who report about … [Read more...]