Is YouTube a Marketing Tool?

My dad used to be in the real estate business. He was a listing maniac. If YouTube were around back then, he'd have jumped at the chance to showcase his listings. Speaking of listing agents, the folks at Ubertor Real Estate Blog shows how one agent uses YouTube to talk with his clients and prospects. So, why aren't more real estate agents using YouTube like this?Nice touch by … [Read more...]

Whistle Stops 10/08/06

Mostly the Whistle Stops are for the conversations, but there were a few double-takes today as I noticed new designs: Why Blog? by Jeffrey Phillips at Thinking Faster: A great look into one person's reason for blogging: "...creating a community of people who care about a topic or subject and who are interested in learning more, discussing ideas, suggesting new concepts and … [Read more...]

How APE Defeats Procrastination

I had the privilege of a one-on-one with a local business genius the other day. He's an innovator. Always thinking ahead. In tune with what's missing in the business community. And a friend. We gathered so he could present his ideas for a new company web site. Neither of us are web developers, per se, but I was hoping to get a sense of what he saw in his mind so I might … [Read more...]

Am I Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

This sounds like most of the conversations I have each day. The only thing missing is the newpaper. Would it be this Wall Street Journal article? Or, maybe more appropriately, the pup should deliver a good wiki. … [Read more...]

What Fuels my Train? Connecting People

I really dig connecting people and watching what happens. Sometimes, the connection can be a simple introduction between two strangers who I just met myself. Yesterday was filled with many great moments, but the best one may have been the first one. At Drew McLellan's Branding Breakfast, I met Marshall Porter with Merrill Lynch and also Cherish Anderson, owner of Nanny2Shoes. … [Read more...]

Whistle Stops – 10/04/06

I gave the blog the day off - not the night off. Digital Storytelling and Flickr as Presentation Tool at Beth's Blog are two keepers. I really would like to try the Flickr idea at some point. Wondering if branding the slides is important here. Embracing the Six Core Values of Innovation and A Guide to Social Media Optimization (SMO) at ChangeThis are among the manifestos I … [Read more...]

A Conversation (Argument?) With My Blog

A quick conversation with my blog this morning: BLOG: Are you going to write something? (say yes) ME: Ssh. I'm busy. And I gotta leave in 20 minutes BLOG: You can write a post in 20 minutes, just write something - anything. Have you looked at your schedule? If you don't write something now, it'll be Friday before I get something new. ME: Sorry, I need to finish this up. … [Read more...]

Whistle Stops – 10/03/06

A great day for some great posts: Connect the Unconnected by Roger von Oech at CreativeThink: Yep, the author of Expect the Unexpected and A Whack on the Side of the Head is now blogging (thanks for the heads-up, David) But back to the post...Roger shares some great examples of connecting things or ideas that were previously unconnected. Can you do the same in networking … [Read more...]

Using FeedBlendr for Multiple Feeds

I've almost given up tyring to work with OPML. Everyone's got a different set of rules and languages. Trying to get customers and new bloggers a kick-start to their feed reading, I wanted to combine several feeds into one package...and OPML is just too much work. Now I use FeedBlendr. Here's a sample I created, BloggingNewsRoll. I included the sites from the Blogging News … [Read more...]

Whistle Stops – 10/02/06

Some great minds out there, I'm just soakin' up the tips: Bookcraft 2.0 by Liz Strauss at Successful Blog: is giving us some great insight on her blog-to-book projects. Do you have a blook in your blog? Work with Liz Thinking in Pictures by David Armano at Logic + Emotion: I hadn't thought of using mind maps in front of a customer (my mind maps look more like … [Read more...]