Why I Launched a Daily Podcast Show

SmallBiz Tracks Show

This past week, SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcast Show went live. The first shows are live in iTunes and Stitcher. When the idea of a daily podcast show (Monday through Friday) popped into my head, I immediately dismissed the notion. Who has time to do a daily podcast? Let alone weekly? But the idea kept creeping back in. So I subscribed to a couple of daily "micro-podcasts" … [Read more...]

See the Forest Before Chopping the Tree

in the middle of tall trees

Every business owner faces big projects of varying size and matter. Taking a big project one step at a time is a smart way to get through a forest of such projects. See the forest, one tree at a time. Still, what's the end goal, the big picture? What tools, personnel, and resources are needed to complete each step? Too often, th0se questions are asked in reverse. Strategy … [Read more...]

YouTube as a Knowledge Base

Screenshot of a YouTube How To Video

With 4 billion video views each day and over 40% of the traffic coming from mobile devices (see the stats), YouTube is a great asset in learning and coaching. Using YouTube as a knowledge base for you and your customers is a great way to build business and a better business presence. Short, branded videos are a great way to show off your expertise and give potential … [Read more...]

Your Big Project

By the Book: Learning to be an Expert

You can do it yourself, but you don't have time. You can do it yourself, but you don't want to. It's not fun. It's too messy. It's boring. You can do it yourself, but someone else can do it in much less time. You can do it yourself, but you're not sure you really understand it. You can learn how to do it, but that will take time. You can learn how to do it, but … [Read more...]

How Often Should I Blog? (A Truth)

Pages from a Calendar

The question, "How Often Should I Blog?" comes up daily. There is a large variety of answers - many of which are good answers, even though they're different. With so many ways and reasons for blogging, let's set a few parameters for this piece: To begin, let's put the practice of business blogging into two large buckets. Blogging as a Business and Blogging for a Business. … [Read more...]

Always Take Your Turn


Hitting a home run in every at bat is never going to happen. Every ballplayer knows it. They still go up to the plate each time it's their turn. Robert De Niro is one of my favorite actors - but he's made some real stinkers. That doesn't stop him from making movies. David Morell is one of my favorite authors - but he's written a few yawners. That doesn't stop him from … [Read more...]

The Oak Sleeps in the Acorn (Thoughtography)

Dreams to Realities quote with an acorn

"The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities." - James Allen The biggest accomplishments begin with a small thing - whether that's by a preparation, a practice, or by perseverance. Bonus: How to grow an oak from an acorn Photo on Pixabay by derRenner … [Read more...]

Small Business as Big Characters in Film

Scene from Big Night

There are some good movies that take place in or around a small business. Sometimes, the business isn't just the stage, but a pivotal character. Big Night - Family Restaurant [tentblogger-youtube IkaaUuQwRZY] Barber Shop - Neighborhood Barber Shop [tentblogger-youtube k721dRb2Hmc] Moneyball - Small Market, Small Budget, Big Leagues [tentblogger-youtube … [Read more...]

SEO for Business: Mix Of Ingredients to Add to The Cauldron

An Assortment of Pots and Caulrdons

Written by Alex Miller Modern SEO has a lot to do with suggestions of experts, some who work for Google.  It makes sense to ‘play ball’ according to Google’s rules, the world’s most-dominant search engine.  If you adopt the ‘can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ philosophy, you’ll want to mind the following insights regarding business success in a growing digital world. Context Takes … [Read more...]

Which State is Most Friendly for Small Business Paperwork?

Thumbtack Small Business Survey Map

If you're like a lot of owners, the filing, applying and deluge of small business paperwork to operate your business in your city or state can be a headache. Some places are better than others In its third annual survey of small businesses, Thumbtack partnered with the Ewing Marion Kaufmann Foundation, asking owners and operators what makes for a friendly environment to … [Read more...]