Icing on the Cake: Merging Social Media and Direct Marketing

Social Media Key on Keyboard

Written by Megan Ritter When I worked for a technical school that was just entering the social media world, I had the pleasure of meeting the first employee hired to work in the new department. Although management was excited to have her on board, most treated her with the respect of high school yearbook reporter. It’s difficult to expect growth from a social media team … [Read more...]

A Guide to Social Media Etiquette for Business

Social Media Etiquette Infographic Header

Written by Dave Landry, Jr. If your business is interested in expanding its reach to a wider audience, social media provides great opportunities for both marketing and CRM, but professional social media etiquette and usage comes with a different set of rules than personal usage. It’s important, before embarking on your social media campaign, that you understand what is … [Read more...]

The Steps From Business Owner to Franchise Owner

franchise compass

In a report for the International Franchise Association (IFA) by IHS Global Insights, franchises outpaced the growth of other business sectors in 2012. They estimate that there will be more than 750 thousand franchise locations by the end of 2013, a 1.4 percent increase. If you’re considering moving away from small business ownership and buying a franchise, this might be the … [Read more...]

Is Guest Posting a Good Business Practice?

Man Writing with Pen, Paper, Laptop

There has been some debate over whether guest posting is a beneficial practice or a spammy practice, a positive or a negative. I'm not a fan of blanket statements. It's probably why "It Depends" is so often at the tip of my tongue. When it comes to a small business owner publishing or writing a guest post, the reader (potential customer) is still the most important role in the … [Read more...]

Father, Brother, Pastor, Leader


In most cases, I wouldn't post such a personal item on these pages. This is different. I lost a friend yesterday. More than a friend. A father. A brother. A pastor. A leader. Bo Thye was all of these things to me. The first time I met him was a 7 1/2 hour conversation. A three-mealer. I was asking him if I could marry his daughter, Angela. Thankfully, he said yes. He … [Read more...]

Can Cold Calls Still Build Business?

man talking on headset phone

While inbound marketing, networking and referrals, and content marketing are all fantastic practices in today's business climate, cold calls are still a great way to increase business relationships and continue building a better business presence. If you're going to keep your funnel filled with new prospects and customers, and I think that's how most of us stay in business, … [Read more...]

L.I.F.T. as an Action and Acronym


We've been using the acronym L.I.F.T. in our content, newsletters and emails, and in the field with business owners and the reception has been super. Watching how business owners use L.I.F.T. to generate new ideas, overcome overwhelm, and get better at building their business presence is inspiring. Initially, the acronym was simply a guide to share resources and ideas. It … [Read more...]

Are Handshake Deals Good for Business?

Two Friends Seal Agreement

Should You Practice Handshake Deals in Your Business? This was a recent question on the SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcast (No. 22). We love the romantic and nostalgic idea that deals can be done on a handshake. It's how my grandfather conducted business and he did very well. That was a different time and a few generations ago. We live in a dynamic world, especially in business, … [Read more...]

Week in Review July 20 – 26, 2014: Posts and Podcasts

Title Screen of Week in Review July 26

Week in Review July 20 - 26: Posts and Podcasts from ConverStations and SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare. You can catch a complete review, in addition … [Read more...]

Discovering the Infinite Power of Our Light #Thoughtography

Tunnel and Daring Greatly Quote

Having a learning mindset, or a collaborative mindset, means we must have a certain sense of comfortability around being vulnerable. Trying new things, trusting new people, traveling different roads. It's only by such exploration that we truly grow and reach new places. It's a journey of discovering the infinite power of our light. Only when we’re brave enough to explore … [Read more...]