When is Email Spam?

dropping card in a fishbowl

You've probably been a recipient (and hopefully you're not a sender) of an innocently intended, yet still violating, spam email. Here's a scenario:  At a networking event or coffee table meeting, you meet someone and exchange business cards. A few days later, in the email you receive ... their weekly newsletter? The definition of spam (here's a simple definition), as it … [Read more...]

Bigger Small Business Tracks: Like a General Contractor


On the occasions where the project of building a better business presence becomes larger than a simple "track", we become like a general contractor. These types of projects are Master-level tracks. Like a general contractor, we might occasionally outsource to other specialized contractors, vendors, and other subcontractors - overseeing the project, its costs, deadlines, and … [Read more...]

Are You Waiting for the Perfect Opportunity?

Mixed Signals

I wrote this long ago (2005?), but it still fits for some: I knew a man who was waiting, Waiting for things to be just right When he asked his girl to marry him, He wanted it to be a perfect night. He almost asked her on a Tuesday one June But then, it started to rain, He wanted this night to be perfect, after all, In hopes she wouldn't think he was plain. He had … [Read more...]

When Are Your Customers Online? [Thoughtography]

man with a mobile device

Always. Truthfully, whether you agree or relate or simply shake your head doesn't change reality. Decisions are made in the palm of their hands and laps. Which is why I nod when Tim Peter says, "Your Customers Don't Go Online - They Are Online." Is your business findable? Photo by Viktor Hanacek on PicJumbo … [Read more...]

Change is Nature [movie clip]

Sometimes, in our darkest moments, we can be motivated to move forward. Of course, we might be motivated (scared?) to live carefully, remaining where it's safe. It's not the same landscape it used to be, this business world we live and work in. Change is nature - at least the part we can influence. When does it start?  Here's a clip from Ratatouille to help put that … [Read more...]

Value Proposition Canvas [Saturday Videos]

I've previously shared Business Model Generation and Business Model: You. It seems one of the cores of these models: the Value Proposition Canvas is getting its own book. Here's a video explaining more on the core Value Proposition Canvas: [tentblogger-youtube xTtvwAmjais] The Value Proposition Canvas is a plug-in type of tool to be used with the Business Model Canvas. … [Read more...]

Themed Days? – Friday Flutterings

End of a Bench

I recently heard that Jack Dorsey uses “themes” for his day, at one point CEO-ing both Square and Twitter with full attention. Good idea for busy people. I'm trying something similar (of course, on a much smaller scale). ... A quiet place to sit and think is a good thing. Having something to capture your thoughts makes it even better. ... Looking forward to the new Jack … [Read more...]

It’s all E-commerce Now – How’s Your E-presence?

hand-held device

It's all e-commerce now. How's your e-presence? Are you there ZMOT? The shop owner may have tried to hand this conversation off to his partner (his wife) to be polite. He really didn't want to talk about the web or mobile - definitely not social media. Yet there he was, a rebuttal at every turn. That can be healthy on occasion - and this was one of those … [Read more...]

FETCH – A System for Small Business and Sharing Social

Australian Shepherd Bringing News

For some small business owners, maybe most, the practice of pushing your own stuff comes natural. It's what you know. It's what you're used to doing. It's what you grew up with. As you've probably heard by now - pushing only your own messages doesn't work anymore. Sharing has become a currency and as you share - stories or links or whatever education-slash-entertainment … [Read more...]