Ways to Subscribe to SmallBizTracks, ConverStations and Whistle Stops

Train Coming Down the Tracks

The new year has brought a few new changes to how customers and readers of SmallBizTracks, ConverStations, and Whistle Stops can receive their updates. You can still subscribe with a RSS feed, using an aggregator like Feedly. One of our first changes in 2014 was to change how we deliver the RSS feed. We're now using FeedBlitz - here's the why and the how of making the … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Signal With Engagement

Crowded Outside Restaurant

It's noisy on the outside of a place a crowd gathers together - online and offline.  The din becomes louder as you enter. Enough noise to drive you away. If you're looking for a reason to exit, you'll find it as soon as you enter. However, if you're looking for a signal, simply engage.  First with your ears and eyes, then with subtle smiles and nods (if warranted) - and then … [Read more...]

Small Business Owners Can Be Freelancers Too (Saturday Videos)

Small town, small business owners are wise if they are experimenting and constantly looking for additional revenue streams. Much like the health food store owner who has a massage therapy studio on premises,  finding something that "partners" with something you're already doing makes sense, and hopefully - dollars. Here are a few ideas - in content and example - to spark … [Read more...]

What Do You Do With That? in Friday Flutterings

Sshhh - Woman with finger to lips

If you're creating, keep creating. Get comfortable with the crap you create - not for use, but to improve your creation. Perfect makes Practice. ... There will come a time - and maybe already should be here - that every retail sales associate will carry a handheld device or tablet as part of the display merchandising and a way to assist in "showrooming" in a profitable … [Read more...]

Social Media for Small Business: Driving Lessons

Empty Driver Seat

Small business owners who are just beginning to use social media, often want to know everything about how the whole thing works. I wish it were more like how Seth Godin might describe explaining how a microwave works: People don't want to know the science of the microwave, but simply that they can put the bag of popcorn in for two minutes, be careful when you take it out … [Read more...]

Social Media for Small Business: What Kind and Why?

Busy Traffic at Intersection

"Just what is social media?" is a question on the minds of many small business owners. The question sometimes has a follow-up (though sometimes not said aloud), "...and why should I care?" Social media has become such a wide variety of tools, practices, and theories - the first question is much shorter than the answer. The second question gets closer to a one sentence … [Read more...]

Clap for the Click, Reward the Review


We live in an age of the Quick Attention Span and Instant Gratification. When it comes to the digital landscape of social media and mobile usage, are we cutting efforts short by asking for the quick-action connect? Maybe we get too excited about scoring social media with how many "Likes" or "ReTweets" or "Follows" or "Check-Ins" or "+1s" we receive. While some of these … [Read more...]

Segmenting Your Daily Routine

Segments of a Daily Routine

There are days where your daily routine gets a bit out of sorts. Too much of one thing, an emergency of some sort, or a cancellation or two can do that. At SmallBizTracks, we believe in using segmenting large projects into smaller bits for a multitude of reasons. By employing segmenting to our "daily routine", unexpected interruptions don't become unnerving. There are … [Read more...]

Always with Your Customers and Prospects in Mind

Retail Space Available

At your store or office location, you probably don't set up shop to impress the Chamber, your Merchant's Association, BNI members, or even the local business journal. It's for your customers and prospects. If your window display is setup to receive accolades rather than sales, though there may be overlap, you'll eventually lose sales. And eventually, your window display … [Read more...]

Capture by Release (Thoughtography)


Two pieces of thought are stuck in my cranium: To all of those that say "you're doing it wrong," I offer you this one piece of advice: you're doing it wrong. - Peter G. McDermott (read the whole post) and What you think they think isn't the reality. - Leah Cox (read the whole post) On those occasions where these words and voices come from within, there is good news. … [Read more...]