SubCLUBs – Building Your Business Presence Monthly

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SubCLUBs is an extension of SmallBiz Tracks. We announced a version earlier this year and the feedback was compelling enough to make some changes. As always, we look to accomplish a few things with everything we do: Provide small business owners a LIFT in building their business presence. Practice simple, small steps leading to big results. Prepare owners with … [Read more...]

Write. Edit. Format. Publish.


Here's how it often goes... Write a little bit of text ... oops, backspace - backspace -backspace ... a bit more writing. Stop. Think. Fix the margins. Bold ... no, nix the bold. There's gotta be a better word, hmm - where's that thesaurus? Should Thesaurus get capitalized? Where's that APA sheet? Backspace again. Maybe a cup of tea will help. It just took 10 … [Read more...]

Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts Oct 5 – Oct 11, 2014

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Week in Review October 5 - 11: Posts and Podcasts from ConverStations and SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare. SmallBiz Tracks Week in Review: October … [Read more...]

Reach and Retain in a Subscription Economy (Thoughtography)

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It has been said that in the Subscription Economy, companies should care about one thing: How many customers they can reach and retain. While delivery is still important, building recurring revenue and a happy, growing customer base are keys to the future of business. Maybe, just maybe, the number of items shipped or sold now sits behind how many customers reached and … [Read more...]

Better Habits for Your Business and Brain (LIFT Slides)

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As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using the LIFT acronym. Here are a few decks on SlideShare that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN: Get Started with Evernote 25 Ideas for Getting Started with @Evernote from Steve Scott IMPROVE: Persuasive … [Read more...]

Finding the Skills and Sequences for Success – LIFT Clips 10/11

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As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using the LIFT acronym. Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN - The No. 1 Skill Every Entrepreneur Needs [tentblogger-youtube dYDIiPXW9b4] IMPROVE - Find a Better (Smaller?) … [Read more...]

A Video Series To Help Bring Your Small Business Online

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Google has created a great series especially made for small business owners, independent contractors, and freelancers. It's as much interactive, empowering you as a business owner to answer some necessary questions. I would (and will) recommend this to every business owner and to those thinking of going into business. You can watch the series below. The playlist runs … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Improve Your Website

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E-commerce is the only trillion dollar industry growing at a double-digit rate, according to RJMetrics. That’s a lot of competition online and does not even account for offline competitors. Although there are many companies that function solely online (such as Amazon or eBay), many online options are supplemental to the physical store. International Business Times reports … [Read more...]

FAQs Found in the Archives

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One of the great things about blogging as part of your web presence, is how some of those blog posts you've written are answers to some of your "quick question" requests. You know those questions that start out innocently with, "I have a quick question for you." While the question is quick, the answer is often not-so-quick. A good answer might be found in your inventory … [Read more...]

Why Do We Call Google a “Search Engine”?

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We often call Google a search engine. I like to say Google is a Find Engine. Recently, I wanted to know how long it would take to drive to a client location. I simply typed in the name of the two cities into Google and the answer was found. I also found out other businesses I could call on around the client's business. I remember a time when I used to have to wait for the … [Read more...]