Dealing with Isolation as a Small Business Owner

man thinking alone

Written by Larry Alton It might be the American dream, but the reality is that being a small business owner can be lonely and you might feel isolated from the rest of the world. Even if you own something like a coffee shop and are constantly working with people, that doesn’t mean that you’re getting the socialization that you need. It’s even worse if you’re in a position … [Read more...]

3 Customer Service Techniques to Grow Your Business

24 Hour Customer Service Graphic

Quality customer service is a critical part of any good sales strategy, and investing in the right customer service skills is vital to getting the most out of your sales. In fact, a survey by Accenture found that 76 percent of business-to-business companies may be wasting up to 50 percent of their current investment on ineffective customer service techniques. Here are some … [Read more...]

While Writing In Ink, It’s In Pencil We Think

Pencil and Eraser with Measuring Template

We make a lot of plans, scopes, and schedules. While we may do the writing in ink, it's in pencil we think. Wisdom allows for a change of mind with new and relevant information, foolishness is a cousin of ignorance that freezes a stubborn mind to stay put no matter what. This week, we're in South Dakota with family. Menus and schedules have been drawn up, but as new … [Read more...]

Finding the Small Within the Big

Haystack in Field

Questions. Breaking big projects and big problems into smaller sections is an essential part of avoiding overwhelm and burnout. Much of it is a mind game, really. With questions as an extraction tool, finding the small within the big isn't so hard. I was recently talking with someone abut a big problem they were working out. Most of the problem had to do with a financial … [Read more...]

Freedom to Start (Saturday Decks)

United Stats Flag

In the spirit of freedoms of choice and achievement, we present these motivators and influencers. 12 Qualities and Mindsets of a Successful Entrepreneur 12 Qualities and Mindsets of the Successful Entrepreneur from Steve Scott Why More Play Makes You More Productive Why more play makes you more productive from Hugh Culver 21 Rules to Help You Rock Your … [Read more...]

4 Key Logistics for Small Business Success

Truck Loading in Bay

Guest Post from SocialMonsters In preparation for its initial public offering, Asian eCommerce giant Alibaba invested $249 million in logistics, expanding its capability to make 24-hour deliveries throughout Asia. This move borrows from the playbook of Alibaba's American counterparts Amazon and eBay, which thrive on their ability to provide quick, reliable order … [Read more...]

Helping Grandma Prepare for a Holiday Weekend

Angela Sansone and Grandma

This year's 4th of July weekend will see family from all corners of United States gather in South Dakota to celebrate life and independence. Preparations began early, with Grandma in the lead role. Part of the celebration is her 92nd anniversary of life, but she has lots of energy and intelligence. "Do things small so they don't seem so big," she says. With big meals, … [Read more...]

5 Amazing Tools for Small and Mid Level Companies

Proofhub for Communication and Collaboration

Written by Sharon Thomson Managing a business is quite hard and it becomes even more harder in case of small and mid level companies. Limited budget, increased costs, stiff competition from competitors, unstable business environment, strict government regulations and various other internal and external factors can drastically affect their growth and profitability. But for … [Read more...]

Ways to Enjoy or Engage with #SBTDshow Daily Podcast


With each episode of SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcast, I'm convinced and thankful for the decision to do a short, daily podcast. At first, I was hesitant - but I'm realizing it fits best with busy times and the theme around SmallBiz Tracks (small steps leading to big results). Four ways to enjoy the podcast: Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe with Stitcher Subscribe via RSS … [Read more...]