2014 Breakthrough Small Business Transformer Summit

I'm excited to be among the 20-plus guest speakers at the 2014 Breakthrough Small Business Transformer Summit, a free webinar with lots of information around building your small business up in 2014. It all begins on Saturday, February 22, 2014. Here's a short video with more information, and a link below to reserve your seat for this profitable … [Read more...]

Start with a Taste on a Toothpick

Taste on a Toothpick at the Food Court

Whether it's a new opportunity for you, or it's something you're offering to a new market, sometimes a taste on a toothpick is enough to get things rolling. The risk is lower, the reward potentially greater. Often it's enough to satisfy curiosity, and a new decision comes with the new information. Whether it's Bitcoins and Beacons (your business taking a taste), or … [Read more...]

Baseball Motivation and Matinee

It's an exciting time of year. Ballplayers are reporting to camp with everyone in first - and even us Pittsburgh Pirates fans are thinking pennant. Stay warm with these scenes and speeches, but know they relate to business as well: Joe Maddon on Doing Too Much and Trying New Things [tentblogger-youtube nkCGLuU-7W0] Billy Beane Transforms Baseball ... and the world … [Read more...]

How Mobile Payment Systems Can Promote Customer Loyalty

Written by Kristen Gramigna of BluePay In the modern business arena, you're in constant competition with people's love of all things simple. Implementing mobile payment systems is a must if you want to keep consumers from heading elsewhere. Here are some of the ways these conveniences improve customer satisfaction and retention and promote heightened customer … [Read more...]

Accepting Bitcoin as Currency and other Friday Flutterings


Coinbase seems the way to go if you want to setup a merchant account to accept Bitcoin payments. This is my weekend "track" and should have more info next week. A good information portal for the cryptocurrency craze is WeUseCoins ... Pitchers and Catchers have reported for most teams, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. MLB.com updates their daily Spring … [Read more...]

The Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Baseballs up close. One new, one old

"The little things in baseball, though they may have a small impact on one game, can have a large impact on one season," Brad Ausmus, Manager, Detroit Tigers. Baseball is made up of many small things and offers fantastic lessons for life and business. A lot of talk around the thinking person's baseball conversation is about the game-within-the-game. The small things being … [Read more...]

Working with SmallBizTracks

We believe that building a better presence for your business is a practice of constant movement. Changes don't always need to always be made in large packages or expensive replacements, but can often be made by implementing in a tweak or modification at a time. We call these SmallBizTracks. Depending on the level of change(s) you're looking to make, we have three levels to … [Read more...]

A Quick Click RSS Button for Chrome Browsers

Screen Shot of the RSS Extension for Chrome - RSS Icon

Believing that content curation is almost as important for small business owners as content creation, I tend to share this cool tool with several people to help save them time. I call it a "Quick Click RSS button", though I believe the official name is RSS Subscription Extension for use with Chrome browsers. This tool allows the user as they are browsing to click on the … [Read more...]

Showrooming Away from the Counter

empty metal catalog holder

Sales were down and the foot traffic into the warehouse-sized showroom was getting slower. Banner ads hung inside and outside. Sandwich signs along the street pointed the way, but road construction had begun three blocks away and was detouring traffic. A new on-ramp to the freeway was going in and it looked like it would take months. In the early 80's, the only showroom … [Read more...]

No Shame in Being Different … Or Same

Slicing Tomatoes on a Cutting Board

No matter how you say it, or slice it, or serve it, or swallow it - it's still a tomato. Yet, think how many different ways there are to say it or slice it; serve it or preserve it. There are differences even though it's the same (yet different). With other tools and technology, there are similarities and differences. There is no shame in being different or being the … [Read more...]