Videos on How To Do Video for Your Small Business

You want to shoot video for your small business? Where do you start? What about lights? Microphone? Cameras? Action? Nobody wants to go through an ordeal like this while creating videos for their small business: Here are a few tips on avoiding problems like those above (sound may vary). Start with a Storyboard Lights and Lighting Camera … [Read more...]

An Old Whistle Stops Collection


Opening Note: This page is dynamic as I try to collect the best links from past pages. When this train was just getting started, I used to post a daily list of top links that I felt would assist those business folks I was coaching. This was before Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn as a stream of link sharing practices. Sharing the links was never meant to be an … [Read more...]

Watch The Profit for Gain – Friday Flutterings

Marquee for The Profit on CNBC

Every Small Business owner should be watching The Profit on CNBC with Marcus Lemonis. The lessons to be learned are numerous, so watch with a pencil and paper handy. Highly educational, with some entertainment value, too. ... You've probably seen those "share" buttons on sites showing you how many times something gets shared across different networks?  These numbers can be a … [Read more...]

Another Month, Another E-book

E-book Cover for How SmallBizTracks Works

Each month, there is a commitment to put out an E-book for SmallBizTracks customers and Whistle Stops Weekly subscribers. This week, we sent out our 4th E-book - How SmallBizTracks Works. There are 10 chapters, a few of which were recently published on this blog. Previous E-books we sent out: Having a Bias Towards Action 25 Areas of Focus for Your … [Read more...]

Knowledge and Application are Two Different Things

Topps All-Star Card with 3rd Basemen Brooks Robinson and Ron Santo

When I was a 9-year old boy, I was handed my first uniform and told to go play 3rd base. I was now a ballplayer. The best role models at the position at the time, according to my baseball cards, were Brooks Robinson and Ron Santo - and both were known for their stellar glove work. I had read how each of them practiced, fielding many ground balls on a daily basis. So I … [Read more...]

Why I Recommend WordPress for Small Business Sites

WordPress logo

In 2005, I called my web developer and asked him to build me a blogsite. I wanted WordPress. They said no, they wouldn't touch WordPress. Eventually, we settled on MovableType and Typepad. I used Typepad for years. The webdev team didn't like open-source (didn't know better), and I didn't know PHP code - so it worked for me. And it worked well. I ran this site on Typepad up … [Read more...]

How Theming Can Help Your Workflow

Busy Calendar with Push Pins

For a busy small business, Theming can be used as a form of Segmenting Your Day The use of Theming can work favorably in your content marketing or social media efforts. Rather than use it as a rule, employ Theming as a back-up tool - as in when things get backed-up, fall back on the Themes. Here's how I use Themes as a fall-back (again, a safety net rather than a … [Read more...]

Segmenting and a Project Mindset – Will it Build Your Business?

Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas in office

Two practices that stave off a state of overwhelm in my own business is Segmenting and a Project Mindset. I also use these devices in helping other business, in more ways than one. The Operations of a Small Business  Segmenting is dividing the business day into roles; Projects are dividing the business day into tasks. Using my business (SmallBizTracks) as an example, I … [Read more...]

QuickSprout Website Analyzer – SEO and Speed Test

Website Analyzer from QuickSprout

It seems no matter what level of knowledge a small business owner has on web-related tools and behavior, the term "SEO" and how their business "ranks" is on the minds of many. While optimizing your website, mobile, and social media efforts is important, it's always been my concern that writing with an emphasis to please a search engine rank will hurt your overall business … [Read more...]