Even a Tin Star Has Multiple Points (Saturday Clips)

A favorite past time for a Saturday afternoon was watching the great Westerns starring John Wayne. Sometimes, you could watch two different John Wayne movies - even thought it was the same story told a different way. A great double feature would be Rio Bravo ('59) and El Dorado ('66). Pretty much the same story with different casts. A gunslinger, a drunken sheriff, an old … [Read more...]

Inventory and Readership – Mas Que Nada (Video Clips)

In posts and conversations with small business owners, the subject of social inventory and blog readership continues to come up. Some cases have folks wanting to wait for an audience before they start creating anything - but then, why would there be an audience if nothing exists? Other situations have people saying they can't think of anything new to share - though they … [Read more...]

Morning Commutes in Friday Flutterings

a rear view of traffic congestion

"Is there anything better than Corn Flakes and Boxscores for breakfast?" -  A memorable question from a Larry King column long ago. (I'm more of a Must C video and scrambled eggs now). ... Morning commutes in San Jose, Washington DC, or Chicago might be safer than those in smaller metro areas. I've lived in the larger areas and the commutes come to a stand still. The 'Fast … [Read more...]

Every Blog Post and Update is Part of Your Inventory

Slide showing Stocked Grocery Shelves

As a teenager, one of my "chores" was to keep the inventory room of my parents' office in order. When I first got the job, I thought it was going to be easy. My parents owned a real estate office. How much inventory could there be?  My dad made sure i learned the answer to that question quickly and on-the-job. Signs of different shapes and sizes. The posts that help put … [Read more...]

When is the Best Time to Post for Your Small Business?

Partial Clock Face

One of the most often-asked questions, "When is the Best Time to Post?" There are two camps the question comes from. First, there are the pros: Marketers; Copywriters; Bloggers; Agencies; SEO pros and others. Second, there are the small business owners who are not among the first group: Plumbers; Landscapers; Taverns; Shoe Stores; Florists; and tons of others. Each group … [Read more...]

Reading the Label from Outside of Your Own Bottle

Shop Owner Leaving for the Day - Photo by Pavel P.

You've probably heard the saying, "You can't read the label from inside the bottle."  Sometimes it's hard on the outside, too. After a cup of coffee on the other side of the town square, we walked back towards his store. Still from across the street, we stopped and faced his big picture window. We talked about his display, his lighting, the fading and iron-streaked awning … [Read more...]

Blog Posting Mantra No. 8 – Share Your Posts


Have you ever put together a radio or television commercial for your business? How many times did you run it? Once? You probably ran the ad dozens of times, at different times each day. Bring that kind of thinking to this final step of our Blog Posting Mantra - Share Your Posts. Maybe you've tried some of those plugins allowing you to broadcast your post with a click. … [Read more...]

One Band, One Voice (Thoughtography)


Being part of a chorus line or drum line is hard because there must be a blend. If any one member stands out or above the rest - the rest  of the team are now a step behind or below. At the same time, a member not pulling their own drags the line down. In collaborative efforts, it's important to define roles. Maybe the decision is for a blend with all members of the … [Read more...]

New E-books for Subscribers to Whistle Stops Weekly

Covers of Whistle Stops Weekly Ebooks

Each month, an e-book is sent out to our Whistle Stops Weekly subscribers. In addition to the newest e-book, subscribers receive links to previous editions they may have missed. Previous titles include: Having a Bias Towards Action 25 Areas of Focus for 2014 Building a Presence with Community How SmallBizTracks Works This week, we are sending out and making … [Read more...]

Creativity Flows and Where to Find Yours (Saturday Clips)

Creativity is everywhere you are - if you let it.  If you let it breathe and live and don't suppress it.  Here are some stories and thoughts about creativity and muse... Finding Your Creative Flow State with Shots of Awe [tentblogger-youtube AXwLsba2TOY] Ricky Gervais on Writing IDEO Founders on Unleashing Your Creativity (and those around … [Read more...]