Conquer Complacency

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Finding patterns for success is necessary in building great business. As the world around us changes, new patterns emerge. What may have been robust yesterday, is actually stale today. How do you conquer complacency? In his newest bestseller, Better and Faster, Jeremy Gutsche offers this wisdom: To counteract complacency, you must exhibit insatiability. Remain hungry in … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Small Businesses to Minimize Risks

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Written by Andrew Cravenho Running your own business can be an extremely rewarding experience. Here is an entity that you created from scratch and are trying watch over its activities and developments as they unfold themselves before your very eyes. You know everything that goes on here emanates from you and comes back to you. So you ought to feel increasingly responsible … [Read more...]

The Hidden Benefits of Video Marketing


Written by James McAlister For years, video production was a job of technical skill and know-how that required large teams of specialists, and even larger budgets, to create spectacles that were enjoyed by the masses. In more recent times, however, advancements in consumer technology saw the cost of cameras, editing software and recording equipment tumble, and with these … [Read more...]

One Social Network or Platform at a Time


I love the enthusiasm of a new business owner. Everything is new. Anything is possible. Many times, the enthusiasm carries over onto social networks and platforms. Be everywhere always. Not a great idea, probably not sustainable. Focus on one social platform and knock it out of the park. Create a plan, work the plan, engage in conversation, build relationships. One … [Read more...]

How to Develop Viral Content that Sells

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Written by Larry Alton There is a common misconception that viral content comes out of nowhere and is a combination of luck and randomization. Well, marketers who have been on the winning side of viral marketing campaigns know that virality is rooted in strategy, not chance. By understanding the key elements of virality and how you can effectively publish and distribute … [Read more...]

Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Mar. 8 – 14, 2015

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Week in Review March 8 - 14, 2015: Posts and Podcasts from ConverStations and SmallBiz Tracks (Almost) Daily Podcasts, and LIFT resources shared on Twitter (@mikesansone): This Week on ConverStations 10 Types of Photos for Your Business When Outsourcing Helps In-House Efficiency Whatevs How to Develop Viral Content That Sells Listening in LIFT Clips … [Read more...]

Listening in LIFT Clips 03/14/15

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We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using the LIFT acronym. Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow: LEARN - How to Truly Listen IMPROVE -Five Ways to Listen Better FIND FLOW -  Tuning In: … [Read more...]



While visiting friends and family in Texas this week, there was plenty of opportunity for stress and frustration. Some plans went awry for various reasons. Several cherished memories were created from spontaneity. One of the keywords during our visit - and a reason stress and frustration didn't stand a chance was a simple mantra: whatevs There is power in "whatevs." There is … [Read more...]

When Outsourcing Helps In-House Efficiency

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Written by Roy Rassmussen Over half of small business owners say the most difficult part of running their company is trying to do multiple jobs at once, according to an eVoice survey of 400 entrepreneurs. The survey found that the typical entrepreneur gets sidetracked from managing their business by routine tasks they find unenjoyable, particularly accounting, office … [Read more...]

10 Types of Photos of Your Business


There are plenty of ways to use the camera function of your phone or tablet to help build your business presence. Creating your own stock-photo library can be simple and fun. It might take some work in recognizing opportunity and seizing the moment, but keeping these 10 image types in mind can help build your image awareness muscles. Before / After (Comparison): Take a … [Read more...]