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I’m Mike Sansone. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I am a Conversation Conductor (what’s that?).

This page is what I call a (cob)web page. It rarely – if ever – changes. It’s static. Most of the communication I do online is done through my blog site, ConverStations. Actually, you’re on a page within the ConverStations site. Blogs are made up of web pages, some more dynamic than others. But that’s not why you’re here.

Most of the work I do is with small businesses and developing their web, social, and mobile presence. A lot of that is done with a process and workflow found at SmallBizTracks. Still…

You’re probably here to find out more about me. There are two answers to “Who is Mike?” Don’t worry, same guy, the audiences are different.

First the conversational, then we’ll do the corporate.

Who is Mike Sansone? (Conversational)

My passion is to build community – offline and online. I’ve done this through property management, online community programming, volunteerism, recovery programs and – for a short time – as an assistant pastor at a Baptist church in Maryland.

I earn my keep as a Conversation Conductor (what’s that?), helping companies and professionals launch and improve their business presence on the web, social media, and mobile.

  • I believe that we’re all contagious (whether we admit it or not) and we each choose which contagion to spread.
  • I believe that at the core of ourselves, we are each still very much like the 5-year olds we once were, just wanting to be liked, have fun, and be curious.
  • I believe that I’ve used the word “that” too much in this biography. I believe I can see you smiling as you read that. I believe if you’re not smiling right now, you will be after you say this out loud: supercalifragilisticexpealidocius (good thing that’s not a website).

What do you believe?

Who is Mike Sansone? (Corporate-Speak)

Mike Sansone is an independent business consultant specializing in teaching professionals in various fields about using their voice (in-person or digitally) in ways to better reach their audiences. His experience in public speaking, sales and marketing, writing, and real-time online communication are strengths Mike relies upon in his role as a Conversation Conductor.

Prior to starting his own business, Mike helped to build thriving online communities with America Online, Real Fans Sports Network, Ignite Sports Media and HeyMax. He also has coordinated the growth of offline communities as a property manager, volunteer, mentor, and minister.

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Resume of Mike Sansone

Mike Sansone
Omaha, NE


Summary of Qualifications

Excellent verbal and written communication skills; Extremely self-motivated; Highly organized and detailed; High level of initiative and leadership/supervisory ability; Trend Spotter; Community Cultivator; Conversation Conductor


Social Media Coach, ConverStations
April 2005 – Present

  • Helped business owners and leaders develop strategies and tactics in using Social Media to increase their relationships and their profitability and findability.
  • Developed curriculum for school districts in teaching their staffs how to use Social Media in the classroom and as a Professional Development toolset.
  • Coached individual business owners and leaders in one-on-one and workshop settings on the use of Social Media as a daily content marketing tool.
  • Authored ConverStations blog; recognized as top thinker in Content Marketing/Social Media by various publishing outlets including AdAge.

Dispute Resolution Specialist, Wells Fargo Credit Card Services
April 2004 – April 2005

  • Received inbound telephone and mail queries regarding disputed credit card purchases. Ask probing questions to determine customer needs.
  • Researched data to find appropriate resolutions, working within internal and Federal guidelines and laws.
  • Composed letters of inquiry to business and customers with regards to disputed charges.

Self-Storage Property Manager, Storage USA
May 2001 – June 2003

  • Opened and operated new self-storage facility for a national company.
  • Maintained rental units with a monthly gross income potential of $114,000, with 83,245 sq ft of rental space. Retail sales of moving supplies grew to over $1,500 per month. Oversaw growth to 45% occupancy in less than two years.
  • As resident manager, maintained all phases of daily operations including financial reporting, marketing strategy, bank deposits, lien and foreclosure procedures, lease management and all forms of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Worked with financial reporting such as budget vs. actual and other variance reports, remote AP/AR, summary of rental experience, and petty cash.

Director: Interactive Programming, HeyMax Interactive
April 2000 – Dec. 2000

  • Hired as Community Management & Development specialist. Created strategies for Start-up Company leading up to launch of services specializing in complete community solutions.
  • Drafted scope and specification documents of original and unique community software (chat room, message boards, instant messenger, live help tool, auditorium, newsletter subscription process and member matching tool.

Director: Community & Interactive Programs, Ignite Sports Media
Dec. 1999 – May 2000

  • Launched and managed programming of online community programming for official professional sports team sites: Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Capitals.
  • Wrote newsletters and community updates, emceed celebrity chat events, managed listserv database.

Community Programming Manager, America Online, Inc & Real Fans Sports Network
June 1997 – Dec. 1999

  • Managed following AOL channel/area communities simultaneously:AOL People Connection; AOL Lifestyles; AOL Hometown; AOL Workplace; AOL International; AOL Interests; AOL Research & Learn. Assisted in creating processes implemented across Community Operations with regard to general community building and maintenance.
  • Managed team of 25 remote employees, supervising the efforts of over 750 volunteer discussion leaders. Pioneered innovative ways to transition remote employees from content managers to discussion motivators.
  • Worked with content teams for each of the above areas to promote content packages to and within the community for the purpose of leveraging member discussions and the possible re-purposing of such as content.
  • Built membership to over 185,000 in Real Fans Sports Network forum (AOL Team Clubs). Oversaw 500% growth rate in private community in 16-month period.

Other Experience

  • Houseman & Staff Mentor, Springs Rescue Mission (Colorado Springs, CO), Oct 2012 – July 2013
  • Self-storage & Relocation Consultant, Self-employed (Central CA) August 2003 – February 2004
  • Assistant Pastor, Harford Furnace Baptist Church (Bel Air, MD) September 2001 – June 2003
  • Resident Apartment Manager, Various properties (Northern CA) April 1995 – June 1997
  • Taxi Driver/Dispatcher, Various Cab Companies (CA, IL, PA, TN) Sep. 1990 – Nov. 1995
  • General Manager , Salinas Spurs Baseball Club (Salinas, CA) Jan. 1989 – Sep. 1990

– References Available Upon Request –

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