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Building Your Business Presence: Lead Magnets

contact keys on a keyboard

Lead Magnets. Some call it a bit of a bribe, yet when done right, they can be a valuable exchange of information for both parties. Most widely used on landing pages, you will also find lead magnets on sidebars, footers, and in pop-ups or title bars of web pages. A lead magnet is an offering of valuable content or resource made accessible when to a visitor of your … [Read more...]

METHOD: Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR) – Epic Content

long road

There is some truth, I suppose, to the practice and success of writing "epic" content. I recently asked someone to define "epic content" as best as they could. Their answer: TL;DR. Slang for Too Long; Didn't Read. I'm not sure how epic any content truly is if it can be defined as "too long, didn't read", though most content of epic proportions probably is long. Some say a … [Read more...]

Adapting with Curiosity: It’s Attitudinal, Not Generational

Generation Attitudes

The crutch that is, "But these kids today, they grow up with this stuff," still happens too frequently. Some are growing old leaning on this excuse. Let me invite you back to your own past, to your toddler years. You probably played with every button and dial you could find. Maybe it was that old Fisher-Price toy that spoke back to you in a, "Moooo" or a "Baa-a-a-a" … [Read more...]

Digital Natives or Combining Imagination and Imitation?


As we sat around the kitchen table, her 2-year old started moving the magnets around on the refrigerator door. Audible sounds such as "doink" and "shwwsh" came with each move of a magnet. "She thinks it's an iPad," mom looked in amazement. "These kids are so smart." I was amused by the child and bemused by mom. "What did you think the magnets were when you were that … [Read more...]