Comments or Conversations? A Comments Evolved Project

Screenshot of Comments Evolved Plugin

Several weeks ago, I quietly closed the comments on the ConverStations site. I asked if Comments are Really Necessary.

Plugins and other alternatives were researched and considered as I pondered the question – not just for this site, but also for the businesses I work with to help in building their business presence.

The conversations can be larger and last longer if the the boundaries extend beyond the comments section beneath a blog post. With so many social networks available for conversations to carry on, why confine a conversation to the comments section?

By implementing the WordPress plugin Comments Evolved, I’ve been able to carve out a path for the conversations to branch out. I can choose any combination of Google Plus, Facebook, WordPress, Disqus, Livefyre, and trackbacks.

At the outset, I’ve chosen Google Plus and Facebook comments, though I may re-connect Disqus in the near future. By allowing for the conversation to move out onto these platforms, improvement is possible in several areas.

There are some types of business who might choose only to use Facebook comments, while others might choose all the platforms available.

Note: This plugin is very easy to install. In my particular case, I deactivated all other themes and then reactivated those necessary so the Comments Evolved plugin works properly. Depending on the theme and plugins you have active, you may need to do likewise.

Need a Hand?: If you want this implemented on your site and need an assist, contact me and I’d be glad to help (it would a Basic Track).

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