An Old Whistle Stops Collection

Foundry-Whistle-StopOpening Note: This page is dynamic as I try to collect the best links from past pages.

When this train was just getting started, I used to post a daily list of top links that I felt would assist those business folks I was coaching. This was before Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn as a stream of link sharing practices.

Sharing the links was never meant to be an attempt to elicit “link love” – it was simply sharing good links with my customers, prospects, and readers. I still use a similar practice on Twitter and other places.

In an effort to clean up some outdated pages of this site, I’m keeping some of the best links here on this page. Some of these links are years old – but still have value. Enjoy the archive. Glean what you can.






Big Ideas (and small ones too)

Cool Tools

Whistle Stops remains active here in two parts, one is a weekly newsletter for SmallBizTracks and the other is still shaping up, possibly as a “wall of fame” with best of the best links I find here and there – we’ll see how that all works out.

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