Blog Posting Mantra for Small Business Owners

Blog Posting Mantra for Business OwnersSeveral years ago, most of my time was invested with business owners and leaders in teaching them about “blogging” as a way to augment their voice and extend the reach of their business.

We came up with a “Blog Posting Mantra” – a short list with each step an easy-to-remember phrase. This was before Facebook and Twitter. What was a 7-step exercise back then (2006) is now an e-step list with a few changes.

Blog Posting Mantra for Small Business Owners

  1. Write the Post
  2. Title the Post
  3. Image Above the Fold
  4. At Least One Link Out
  5. Add Eye Rests
  6. Choose Category and Tags
  7. Check SEO
  8. Share Your Post

The Mantra Remains the Same

The first two items, Write the Post and Title the Post, still sit atop the list unchanged in order.  Image Above the Fold moves up several spaces as image use has become more important. At Least One Link Out still remains important, though largely a forgotten practice.

Changed Since the Original Version

Add Eye Rests is a new (and important) addition from the original. Providing Eye Rests are easy on your readers’ eyes and slows down their scroll. Choose Category and Tags morphed into a single step, though it’s multiple clicks. Check SEO is a new step, and relies on plugins. Share Your Post is also new and relies on tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite or Co-Schedule. I’m a fan of scheduling your sharing, not so much a fan of automatic publishing to many platforms at once.

As with the original mantra as written in 2006, this process is for the small business owner who isn’t a professional writer. I’d rather have someone write in Just Spill mode and come back to edit and title. Don’t get stuck before you get started.

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