Are You Waiting for the Perfect Opportunity?

Traffic Signals at a roundabout near Canary Wharf.I wrote this long ago (2005?), but it still fits for some:

I knew a man who was waiting,
Waiting for things to be just right
When he asked his girl to marry him,
He wanted it to be a perfect night.

He almost asked her on a Tuesday one June
But then, it started to rain,
He wanted this night to be perfect, after all,
In hopes she wouldn’t think he was plain.

He had held a good job for umpteen years
Something that was safe and steady
He wanted to go into business for himself,
And he was going to when everything was ready.

Then one day, he really got scared,
He didn’t even want to leave his house.
Things had changed without his consent,
He wasn’t employed and still had no spouse.

He didn’t get his dauber down,
He had grown tired of his “perfect” routine.
So outside he stood, in front of his house
And died … waiting for all the lights to turn green.

So if you’re waiting for that perfect _____
Remember how this man got caught,
Do what you love, and love what you do
Or else you may get “cooked in the squat.”

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