Value Proposition Canvas [Saturday Videos]

I’ve previously shared Business Model Generation and Business Model: You. It seems one of the cores of these models: the Value Proposition Canvas is getting its own book.

Here’s a video explaining more on the core Value Proposition Canvas:

The Value Proposition Canvas is a plug-in type of tool to be used with the Business Model Canvas. Here is a more complete guide it how it works as a tool to finding a fit to your marketplace, help launch new products or refine current offerings.

If you’re not familiar with the Business Model Canvas, watch this video:

There’s also a couple of digital tools, including Strategyzer and an iOS app.

Great tools for any small business in a pivot or re-energize mode. Plus, two different styles of videos to watch as models for your own video products. Enjoy (and apply).

As a youth, Saturdays were filled with visual candy with cartoons in the morning and matinees in the afternoon. In 2014, I’m doing an adult version of that, as I’m trying is to catch up on unwatched TED videos, subscriptions from YouTube, and other videos shared via feeds.

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