Tip of the Iceberg – Friday Flutterings

Tip of an Iceberg. What's Below?There are shallow views and depth perception. The upper & lower of the iceberg. Seeing only one isn’t wrong, but try not to miss the other.

… Pitchers and catchers report in less than a month. Here’s a countdown to Spring Training.

… I remember a time when AOL was prototyping AOLTV boxes and testing screens on refrigerators during the AOL Anywhere push (pre-2000). Few homes had broadband and the mobile device in our hands were Palm PDAs. Good ideas, ahead of its time.

… Starting to read Divergent, and in the first few chapters it’s an interesting study in how people get labels and typecast by society. Should be a great read (and I can hardly wait for the movie).

— Buzz for things like iBeacon and Nest have only started to blossom. Handheld and wearable technology is just getting started and will tie in together for more than just an app here and an app there. Grocery shopping on your watch? Pay and pick-up at a drive through? We’re only at the tip of this iceberg. It’s all E-commerce now.

… Speaking of countdowns, Kim Yuhl has an exciting new (and newly-named project), Secrets of Better Business. Kim has been behind the counter of her own small business and behind success of others as a blog coach. Less than two weeks for launch.

… Watching a young boy watching an escalator is fascinating. Almost as if he was dissecting the process like a reverse engineer. Seeing shallow, looking deep.

Photo on Flickr by Eider Palmou

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