My Three Words for 2014 – C.U.P.

Golf ball going into the hole

I have a three-word compass for my work in 2014, and also a three-word compass for people I work with.

My own three words for 2014 – it has less to do with golf than the picture presents.

They line up in an acronym on purpose: C.U.P.


Clarity – I enjoy being able to see many things when looking at one thing. Sometimes, ideas are like butterflies, fluttering around inside my head. Ideas (and butterflies) can be distracting. So clarity is what I’m after, and capturing the ideas in an organized way will help in clearness of thought without losing various perceptions that may later come in handy. With such focus (and vision), I can move forward with purpose rather than pressure.

Urgency – This word has always seemed synonymous with “hurry” – and it shouldn’t. Not always. With the work I do, there is often a sense of urgency – the hurried kind. There is also, however, a sense of urgency knowing that if solutions aren’t already in motion – emergency is beyond urgency. Urgency preceded by Clarity allows me to maintain sights on the goal or target to be pursued.

Pursuit – Decades ago, I drove a cab at night for additional income. While some drivers would “park” at the airport or train, or even a vacant parking lot, I tried to keep my wheels in motion. I would bid for a call miles away rather than turn off the motor (and the meter). If my tires rolled, the income kept increasing. Sometimes, the call I’d get was only a $3.00 call – but it all added up. By focusing on the next call, rather than the long haul, the work seemed short, the connections with people more vital, and by the end of the day – there was more profit. Pursuit of that nature is what I’m doing with SmallBizTracks – both as a project and in the work we do with clients.

There’s a clip in the movie “Seven Days to Utopia” that often comes to mind at this time of year. Again, it has less to do with golf than the clip presents:

I used to play a lot of golf. It stopped being fun and I couldn’t figure out why for years. Now, the errors in my head and heart are clear. When I was on the fairway, I was already thinking about the green (putting was not a strength of mine), which led me to the rough or a sand trap. There was no Clarity. Urgency was premature and pressured. Pursuit was misplaced.

For clients and collaborations, the three words for 2014 were noted in a previous post: Efficient, Affordable, Sustainable (and knowing Why).

Here’s to a fantastic 2014!

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