Themed Days? – Friday Flutterings

End of a BenchI recently heard that Jack Dorsey uses “themes” for his day, at one point CEO-ing both Square and Twitter with full attention. Good idea for busy people. I’m trying something similar (of course, on a much smaller scale).

… A quiet place to sit and think is a good thing. Having something to capture your thoughts makes it even better.

… Looking forward to the new Jack Ryan movie. I like Chris Pine’s acting, but I really like some of the parts Kevin Costner is playing lately. He’s a good story teller. Did you know Chris Pine is the fourth actor to portray Jack Ryan (after Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck)?

… If you’re a movie fan or storytelling student, you should read Screenwriting from Iowa. I like the way Scott W. Smith presents stories about the stories we watch.

… There is almost always a simple offline metaphor or simile to explain an activity of using online tools or networks. Write these on index cards and use those as a “swipe file”.

… With the Steelers out of the playoffs, I guess I’ll revert back to my “home” team and root 49ers for my dad’s sake. Probably won’t watch anything but the headlines.

… It’s all ecommerce now. This thought is stuck in my head. At the grocer recently, I didn’t find the rice we like (Tsuru Mai) – so I went online. Got it shipped direct from grower. All while standing in the grocery aisle.

… Want to “understand” the craze of taking selfies? Take a lot of selfies and see what you like/dislike. Experiment with backgrounds. I’m sure you won’t be wasting film. You don’t have to share them. But you’ll have a new perspective.

… Maybe your Fridays can be a “visuals” day. Selfies in the morning. Build a library of stock images in the afternoon.

Image found at MorgueFile by Seemannc

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