What Does Your Site Look Like on Mobile?

Image of Various Screen Sizes for Responsive DesignThere’s a simple tool I suggest that allows small business owners to view their site on a mobile device.

Screenfly is free to use and offers a variety of views on different screen sizes and devices.

While I prefer to show an owner on my devices (or theirs) while I’m with them, sometimes I sense it’s best to let them do their own research.

If a business owner tells me they don’t need to be seen on a mobile device because they (themselves) don’t even have a smartphone or tablet, I simply give them the URL to Screenfly or the Hubspot device tool.

The only challenge with these tools – if you’re using a plug-in, it may not always render in these tools as it does on your device. So if you do have a smartphone or tablet, check your site there as well.

If it’s all e-commerce now, this is simply part of display merchandising.

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