Reserve Your Name – Being Present versus Being Active

Partial Screenshot of KnowEmThere’s an important difference between being present and being active on social media platforms. One of the 5 Areas of Focus … Social Media hints at this difference.

Maybe a better way to word this exercise is creating a presence versus building a presence. Creating as a one-time effort; Building as an ongoing effort.

When you hear of a new platform or network, it’s probably a good idea to

  • secure the name of your business (and maybe your own name)
  • fill out a profile
  • post a status update with something simple: “Checking this out – connect with us here for now” and point to your site other page.

This reserves your name so someone else doesn’t. If the network or platform really takes off, you’ve already got your name. I’m not suggesting you keep your ear or eye to every new thing that launches. But in the natural course of things, if you hear about something – chances are it’s already got some traction.

A good tool for creating your presence is KnowEm, another is Namechk. Let’s use KnowEm for this exercise.

Simply type in the name of your business (or your name) and check its availability. KnowEm checks over 500 networks in 15 categories. If a platform or network you recognize or have heard of shows the name is “Available“, click on the “Available” link to register.

Remember, for now we’re simply creating your presence – not yet building your presence. Being present is not being active.

Here are a few places you most definitely want to reserve your name and create your presence:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • SlideShare
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare

There may be other profession-centric networks, such as ActiveRain for real estate professionals, and you’ve probably heard of them. Claim your space there, too.

This exercise shouldn’t take long. And if you don’t have time – it’s equivalent to a Basic Track ($50) – we can get it done for you. Give us a shout via phone (515-802-2273) or email (

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