Immersion into the Language of Your Craft [Saturday Videos]

In the privilege of working with so many business owners, I notice a difference between those who are “on-the-job” and those who really are in love with their craft.

There is a different language they speak. Not so much with their voice, but with how they approach and interact with the work they do daily.

Mitch Joel lets us inside on a personal story of how he is diving back into the language of music, sharing a video of Michael Manring having such a “conversation” with his bass guitar (it’s wonderfully different):

Immediately, I’m reminded of this 2-minute portion of a TED video with Evelyn Glennie from years ago as she talks (and plays) percussion and the art of listening:

There is a singular consciousness in the conversation between instrument and player. Similarly, I’ve seen landscapers in conversation with the earth, chefs whisper to their food, and accountants in harmony with the music the numbers make.

If you’re experiencing problems with your work or your business, maybe it’s time to have a conversation with your craft. Remember, look beyond the problem:

As a youth, Saturdays were filled with visual candy of cartoons in the morning and movie matinees in the afternoon. In 2014, we’ll be sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, and other videos shared via feeds.