Ideas are Like Butterflies – Friday Flutterings

Butterfly Sitting StillThis thought: Ideas are like Butterflies has been floating in my head. This post (series?): Friday Flutterings is a way to capture thoughts like that and see if and how they grow. Maybe they land here and stop. Or get expanded upon elsewhere. I dunno – let’s find out.

… Decades ago, Larry King would write a column for USA Today (and another for The Sporting News) that read, well, sort of like his Twitter stream. It was a great read, especially if the commuter was a short hop. Another example in this Larry King tribute. Maybe this is a bit of that.

… I haven’t had a good salami in a long, long time. Probably won’t for a lot longer. But it’s a great memory. With sourdough bread.

… I forget who said it, but it resonates: “All music is jazz, if it’s really coming from the heart.” I do so enjoy when a singer sings like he’s telling a heartfelt story. This rendition of Steve Winwood’s Can’t Find My Way Home is storytelling.

… This post – or the style of it (if there is a style to it) – is somewhat motivated by No 3 in this article. Which brings me to James Altucher. He shoots straight (and sometimes colorful). If the color upsets you, skip the color. Or go read Psalm 119:165 and get back to reading.  Maybe his writing is jazz. (Thanks, James).

… I’m going to miss Pumpkin Butter. I’ve been putting a touch of it in almost everything.  See you in the fall.

… The word “relate” is a root of the word relationship. Why do so many folks chalk a lack of understanding (ignorance?) up to “…can’t relate”?  It’s a choice difference, not a generational difference.

… If you’re counting at home, here’s how many days until Spring Training.

… Why are they called butterflies?  They should be called Flutter-byes. The ideas and the creatures.

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