Finding Flow with Your Social Media

FETCH flow - Social Media for Small BusinessSocial media is an important piece of building your presence. Where do you find time?

These small tasks of social media and writing blog posts add up quickly. They should never come at the expense of potential face-to-face or toe-to-toe time with customers.

Building a better business presence should always focus first on current customers. Be it when the doors are open to our retail space, dining floor, or showroom – or working on projects with a deadline.

Still, making time for social media and writing blog posts is important. Solution? Small steps might be one answer that fits your workload.

My Flow and Schedule

Like any other small business, days at SmallBizTracks are (hopefully) chock full of customer conversations or projects, along with inbound and outreach on the phone, in meetings, or various other correspondence.

Personally I do my writing shortly after I get up in the morning (it’s early). If there’s not enough time in the morning – it only means I slept in (or stayed awake too long the previous night). There are times I may not publish a post because of writing, editing, or researching – but I normally invest 40 minutes each morning to writing.

After that, I then invest 20 minutes scurrying or scanning through my feed tools. Skim, Scan, and Save. I do the 20-minute exercise three to four times each day. This flow is what we call FETCH.

I use three main areas for information: RSS subscriptions in FeedlyPrismatic, and Alltop. I also subscribe to a few alerts via Talkwalker and Google.

With long-form content items or something I need to digest before sharing, I save in Instapaper. Anything I want to keep for a longer duration, I save to Pocket.

Once I see something I want to share, I choose the channel (Twitter or Facebook or Google or whatever) and schedule a post using the Buffer App.

Twenty minutes. That’s it. Three or four times a day. Be the resource.

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