FETCH – A System for Small Business and Sharing Social

Australian Shepherd Bringing NewsFor some small business owners, maybe most, the practice of pushing your own stuff comes natural. It’s what you know. It’s what you’re used to doing. It’s what you grew up with.

As you’ve probably heard by now – pushing only your own messages doesn’t work anymore.

Sharing has become a currency and as you share – stories or links or whatever education-slash-entertainment combination you find useful – you’re putting valuable deposits into the relationship accounts of your customers, prospects, partnerships.

Whether you use a 70-20-10 formula or a 50-50 ratio, it’s a good idea to share outside of your inventory at least as much as your own stuff.

But who has time? And where do you find the other stuff? And how do you know what to share?

That’s where the FETCH sharing system comes into play.

FETCH is an acronym birthed from our own EASY compass. As a reminder, EASY is a simple compass we use with customers to remind us what makes for a good track: Efficient, Affordable, Sustainable, know WHY.

While working with someone in the food service industry, the conversation carried to what their customers are eating when they aren’t buying from this company. What kind of eaters and meal planners on an everyday basis are their customers most likely to be?

Here’s what they came up with:

  • Busy schedules made eating and cooking hurried events
  • Health-conscious
  • Simple (because of experience and schedule)
  • Appreciate good food, know what they like and form habits around those foods
  • Often on a budget or at least watching what they spend

So here’s the acronym:

  • F – Fast
  • E – Easy
  • T – Tasty
  • C – Cost
  • H – Healthy

So now, when our culinary client skims through their feeds and other sources, they use FETCH as their compass to share. Makes the skim, scan, and sharing process simple, quick, and valuable.

Some form of FETCH can probably work in your business, too. Know what your customer values, look for those items, and share. Combine FETCH with your Flow of Social Media for small victories that add up.

It’s EASY.

Photo on Flickr by carterse

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