Celebrating Small Towns and Small Business with ThingLink and AudioBoo

We’re always on the lookout for tools to put in the hands of small business owners that make the digital part of their work EASY, while extending their reach or range of findability.

Using two favorite tools, ThingLink and AudioBoo  small business owners can turn an image into a dynamic, rich-content display online. We’re showcasing the work of Becky McCray with these tools below.

The ThingLink image points to interesting pieces – hover over the image with your mouse – of content, maps, audio, video, and various tidbits of interest.


Thank you to ThingLink and AudioBoo for allowing this celebration of a leading voice in small business development, Becky McCray. As an author, speaker, small business owner, and coach to many small and rural businesses and industries – she has blazed a trail of growth and proven how borders exist as lines on a map rather than hurdles for business.

ThingLink and Audiboo together can be like a talking window display for your online presence. You can begin to showcase:

  • your menu in food service
  • your inventory in retail
  • your listings in real estate
  • your services
  • your coaching
  • your community
  • your process

Lots of possibilities to link a lot of things in a single image and publish it in various networks. It’s Showcasing – part of a good small business E-commerce plan.

Make sure to grab a copy of Becky McCray’s 2014 Rural Trends Report, a free download for what the terrain is like for small business and small towns.

I’m sure this won’t be the last ThingLink / Audiboo display on this site. How about you?

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