Bigger Small Business Tracks: Like a General Contractor

contractors discussing plansOn the occasions where the project of building a better business presence becomes larger than a simple “track”, we become like a general contractor. These types of projects are Master-level tracks.

Like a general contractor, we might occasionally outsource to other specialized contractors, vendors, and other subcontractors – overseeing the project, its costs, deadlines, and benchmarks – all within the budgets of the project.

While many of the Master-Level tracks we’ve worked on are online and web-based, we also oversee offline and on-site projects:

  • Reconstruction of window displays: including lighting, initial decoration, and staging area
  • Ad-buy of a seasonal promotion: including printing, media, and proper placements
  • Media library: including images with spreadsheet of meta data and attributions, video (animated, interview-style and b-roll), business cards and other display and collateral materials
  • Event Coordination: presentation training, presentation prep (deck, video, etc), coordinating with venue for tools and timing.
  • Full web and mobile site redesign: including design, SEO, copywriting, and training

In the cases of Master-level projects, we are still very much hands-on in the projects, but just as a general contractor can do the electrical work, yet still hires out to an electrical subcontractor – we may do the same with some of the project work, always aware of the budgets of both time and money.

By parsing out some of the duties of a Master-level project, it keeps the larger project on track, yet still within small steps. And that leads to bigger results.

Overseeing Bigger Projects Campaign