Pinterest Board Planning for Your Business

stack of colored post-it notes What Pinterest boards would be best for your business?

Better question: What Pinterest boards would be of most interest to your customers and prospects?

Get out a few Post-it notes, this can be a quick, fun project. We just did the same as we recently started a Pinterest page for SmallBizTracks.

Just as we do with business blog categories as a Table of Contents, at first, let’s look at our Pinterest boards like a Table of Contents. What should we include?

Titles below are not suggestions, simply generalizations for descriptive purpose across different types of businesses:

Benefits Realized: If you’re a mortgage broker or an accountant, you have great possibilities for Pinterest. Not because you’ll post pictures of paperwork or numbers. What are your customers realizing because of your great work? Dream homes? Vacations? Peace of mind?  What color is that? Pin these things.

Finished Product/Project: Images with your finished work can be valuable to both you and someone visiting your Pinterest pages, especially if they’re in a shopping mode. Whether a landscape design, a before/after shot of a repair, or magazine-quality dinner – a finished product or project is a great board to have. If possible, grab photos from your site, so the “pin” links back to you.

Backstage Pass: Customers – especially your most loyal fans – are fascinated with the often unseen backroom. Like a backstage pass, give them a taste of what happens in the back or at your desk. Using Pressgram for these images so it publishes quietly to your site is a great way to do this.

Your Online StoreWith “rich pins”, your pins can be more useful to you, and even easier for the Pinterest community to find you and share your pins. Even if you haven’t created an online store yet, you can place a price label on your pins. Even if you don’t have products to sell, or services as products (yet) – you can pin your articles using rich pins.

Local Looks: Recently, Pinterest launched “place pins” so you can map a board. If you have an office or store front, take photos of the neighboring area. Celebrates your location, gives customers landmarks and ideas on doubling-up a reason to stop by. Do you work from home and meetings at coffee places? Use photos of public places you meet and give them a shout with a pin. Again, Pressgram is a great tool for these photos.

Character & Ambience: If there’s a conversation piece at or about your business, whether it’s your Irish Setter or your love affair with charcoal drawings (they’re all around your office), celebrate with images of similar and invite your fans to send them your way. Maybe you’re located in a town square – you can collect town square photos from all around the web.

That’s a good start.

If you create too many boards at the beginning, you’ll look like a ghost town to your visitors (and it becomes a bigger project than a “track”). Pick three or four, build out, and then you can add new boards.

Here are other great ideas for boards:

Wow, there are 200 additional ideas up there.  What happens when you have some boards?  We’re talking Pinterest all week, but here’s the mantra: One Pin it to Win it. In other words, one pin a day.  And we have a shortcut to share for that task too. It’s a cool tool.

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