SmallBizTracks Now on Pinterest

SmallBizTracks on Pinterest There are still a lot of business owners wondering why their business should Pinterest.

I’m not saying every business should be on Pinterest. I will say every business could be on Pinterest. Here’s a short checklist to see if your business could have a successful Pinterest page:

  • Does your business have customers?
  • Does your business sell a product or service?
  • Does your business have a location?
  • Does your work go mobile (or even home-based)?
  • Are there other businesses in the area near yours?
  • Are you topped out on customers (you can’t handle any more of them)?
  • If you are topped out on customers, is there any upgrade or upsell potential with current customers?
  • Do you like it when current customers share good things about you with their friends.

If you answered yes to more than one of these – you would most likely find a Pinterest page a profitable project. Did you answer yes to any of the above?

We began a Pinterest board for SmallBizTracks. It’s been a fun beginning, and we hope you connect with us there. Connect on our new Facebook page, too.

In 2014, we will be using a combination of Facebook and Pinterest to run contests that will result in free “track-packs” – we’re excited about that project:-)

This week, we’ll be focusing on Pinterest for business a lot. We’ll do our best to make it EASY.


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