Setting the Holiday Table in Song and Simile

Table Setting by DinnerSeriesEveryone has a role, helping to make the large project of a holiday meal much more manageable.

With Mom serving as coordinator and director, she also makes sure each small task gets done efficiently and on time, making sure the large task of a holiday table got set in fast fashion with no one getting stressed or heavy-burdened.

Like a choreographed number set to holiday music:

One person, setting up the flatware
While another, placed each fork and knife
With glasses to the right, candles provided light
Such beauty from many hands without strife.

On the counter, one chopped the salad
Yet another, a hot plate for each side
Mom handles the course main, smiling with each step gained
For her such a feast with many mouths, an amusement ride.

After supper, one delivered the bowl of fruit salad
A signal, for a brother to clear the plates
While another brought cake, all but your fork he will take
Someone pours coffee, with egg nog as its mate.

And now the dishes, already getting rinsed
While a set of hands, puts each of them away
A delicious job quickly done, now it’s time for fun
Which of these board games shall Mom choose for us to play?

As I watch the scene unfold, my desire is for this to be similar to how SmallBizTracks continues to work with the businesses and people we assist in 2014.

As Mom engineered and coordinated the table above, making sure that everyone is served in a fresh and timely way while no one lifts too big of a load, SmallBizTracks looks forward to doing the same for our customers, project partners, and readers.

We’ve ended the year 2013 in strong fashion. We lift our C.U.P. to a fantastic 2014 for all.

Photo on Flickr via DinnerSeries by Didricks

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