Sharing and Content Curation – Remember Your “Who”

What is Content Curation?  Sharing Content to Benefit Others

Just remember who is your “who” – as in who is your intended audience.

If you know your audience, you should know what makes them smile, or have peace-of-mind, or keeps them coming back to you. What’s that saying about the tools guy who has drills for sale?  He wasn’t selling drills or bits – he was helping people get to their holes.

Think about this: How much of Oprah Winfrey’s content is her own?  Or Larry King? They bring people in front of their intended audience and ask great questions. They extract content for the purpose of sharing it with their audience. Even Reader’s Digest is well-practiced in curating more content than it creates. Content that others enjoy.

Remembering Your Who

It’s important to remember who your intended audience is and what they are all about. This is where developing a model for your core customer becomes so important.

We’ve been talking a lot recently about Pinterest and curation, but it happens on Twitter too. And in person at your store. Recommending and referring. Being the go-to-person. Be the resource.

What is Content Curation?  Sharing Content to Benefit Others

sharing cake and ice cream

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