Quick Feet Pumping to Daylight

running back in traffic with quick stepsLots of football to watch this time of year – whether you want to or not. It’s on all the time it seems.

Something to keep a lookout for if you are watching a game or highlights – is how the best players and great plays get started with short, quick steps that keep pumping towards open field, what’s often called “daylight.”

Watching a player gallop ahead of the pack in an open field is a beautiful thing to see. Yet, the daylight often comes only after a series of short steps and pivots – often in traffic when it seems unlikely the play will go far.

If you get stuck in a work project, shorten up your steps.

  • Make them smaller projects
  • Pivot when necessary
  • Just keep pumping

An open field is a few steps ahead.

Then, you just might go all the way.

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