Pressgram – Best Photo App for Small Business

Pressgram for Small BusinessOne challenge for a small business owner today is getting spread too thin.

All the tools and platforms for social media add heavily to the mix. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for things to make the load lighter.

Pressgram, a photo publishing app, makes the load a lot lighter for small businesses.

The photo app on your phone, combined with a plugin for your site, makes publishing your photosonto a space you own – a cinch.

Here’s what I see a lot of business owners do with their photo publishing (if they don’t skip it altogether).

Old Hard Way (heavy load):

  • Take a photo
  • Filter it (maybe) with an app
  • Publish it to Facebook (rented space)
  • Publish it to Pinterest (rented space)
  • Publish it to other platforms, i.e., Google, Flickr, Twitter (rented space)
  • Upload to their computer so they can use later

New Pressgram Way (light and easy):

  • Take a photo with Pressgram (or upload a photo into Pressgram)
  • Filter while in Pressgram
  • Publish it to your own site (yep, still within Pressgram)

You could toggle and publish to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, but I sometimes suggest waiting on that step. More on that in a bit.

Business Card Photo uploaded with PressgramBy using Pressgram, the photos you send go immediately to what I call a “quiet category” on your site, most often labeled “Photos”, a category setup by the plugin.

Each Pressgram photo gets published into this category and into your Media Library for later use. You may also choose to have a copyright watermark onto the photo (Pressgram does that for you – easy. See photo on right)

You’re building SEO into your site with each photo you Pressgram.

While you can make the Photos category live and viewable, I recommend to most business to hold off and keep the category quiet. Depends on the business.

Pressgram publishes each photo into the Photo category and simultaneously into your Media Library. Each photo gets its own page, building page depth. From here, you can use these photos in future content pieces online or offline (like I’ve done with the business card photo above).

Now comes the sharing. Share the image on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other places – with a URL that brings people back to your site. 

Size matters. And this is where Pressgram makes it so easy and light. Many Most business folks who are uploading their photos onto their computer and using in blog posts, are using the 2592*1961 pixel monster-sized image from their phone. That’s HUGE!  With Pressgram, you can choose to upload a smaller size (and actually, Pressgram chooses the most optimal size if you forget this step).

Your business can benefit, too. From sales to services, retail to real estate, manufacturer to marketer – Pressgram is a great way to create content and own it, publish it, share it, and bring viewers back to your site.

A few business scenarios:

  • Retail: Invest some time each week taking or uploading photos of your inventory. Within the Pressgram app, write a description, the retail price, and a tag (product type). Send to your site.**  Share right from the page on your site to Pinterest or Facebook.
  • Services: Invest some time taking photos of your process, a concept-to-completion type of story, and then upload into Pressgram app, writing a description and a tag. Send to your site.** Share on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Restaurant: So many possibilities. Introduce photos of your team, your delicious dishes, some of the backroom story like prepping the food. Using Pressgram, you can write out complete recipes on a future blog post, use your watermarked photo, then upload to Google or Pinterest. Yum

So many possibilities: Event Planners (setting up an event), Real Esate (Open Houses or Listings), Dentists (Smile, you’re on Pressgram), the list can go long.

Founder John Saddingtion (of Tentblogger fame), posted this video (2:30 minutes) specifically talking to small business owners about the benefits of Pressgram:

Additionally, Ryan Hanley shares five reasons why every business owner should be using Pressgram – a lot of what Ryan says is so important. Ownership. Don’t skip his piece.

If you have any questions, drop me an email or phone call. Contact info to the right on my site.

**If you don’t have a WordPress site, I recommend getting one just for the photos (Actually, I recommend putting your whole site on WordPress – but that’s a whole nuther conversation). Here’s a starter kit from Pressgram. And of course, the Pressgram app.

P.S. to John – your work on Pressgram, 8Bit, and Tentblogger have been such a huge help to myself and many small businesses, ministry leaders, and solopreneurs I’ve had the privilege of working with. Big thanks for being part of our strength. Keep doing.

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  1. Demian Seiler says

    Really great stuff Mike! We really love seeing the business community using Pressgram. Thanks!

    • says

      Thanks, Damien. Business owners I show Pressgram off with really love how they can publish right to the blog at a much reduced size (among other things). Awesome