One Pin It to Win It on Pinterest

one pinHere’s our mantra. Repeat after me, please: One Pin it to Win it.

One Pin each day. That’s the small victory of Pinterest. If you’ve got a good lineup of Pinterest boards, and follow good community-building practices, One Pin it to Win it.

Examples?  Sure thing:

As best as you can, practice One Pin it to Win it. The better you can find value or interest for your customers and prospective customers, the bigger the victory for everyone.

Remember, the mortgage broker may push paper – but they sell a dream home. They could be pinning dream homes.  Or dream rooms within the dream home.

Provide value for your customer, your prospect, and those browsing around Pinterest. Doing so will attract them to your boards — and your business.

Planning Pinterest for Your Business

Photo on Flickr by 24oranges