Gift for the Power Traveler: MagicStick from Powerocks

Magicstick by PowerocksAs travel picks up for many of us during this time of year, there are a lot of people I know that travel all year around. As one who used to do a lot of airport hopping, I know a vacant electrical outlet is sometimes difficult to find.

Even now, with driving as my preferred way to cross state borders, there are times I wish I had a device that I could charge my phone or other gadget.

I’ve found the coolest tool – a Magicstick by Powerocks. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it will hold two full phone charges.

Having lived in Colorado last year (and through the floods), I can think of a lot of climbers and hikers that would dig this gadget.

If you’re look for a great stocking stuffer – choose this one. Free Shipping? Yes.

Just to let you know, they sent me one to test (I’m not an affiliate). I’m thankful they did. And so will any person who gets the gift of power. Get them a Magicstick!

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