Is Long Form Writing Good For Your Business?

Wireless MouseNo.

And I could probably stop there. At least, in most cases.

There’s a bit of content marketing buzz going around on how a 2,000-word piece of content is more favored with search engines than a 300-word piece. Don’t buy it.

A few reasons why long form writing isn’t great for the small business owner:

  • The search engine isn’t your target audience. A search engine will not walk into your store and buy something.
  • Most humans won’t take time to read your words in long form. Even if it’s great, they might read 50% of it, but not much more.
  • Most of the “reads” on the web are short and quick. Think about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, BuzzFeed. Short. Quick.
  • You’re running a business. Unless your business is a newspaper or magazine …

If you pre-purpose your content, you can build and craft your short form pieces of content into long form product.

Write for your audience.¬†Please don’t count your words, rather make your words count.

Long form does work in some cases. You may find it best to write a longer piece once in awhile. Maybe you’re doing some article marketing. Though, I’d still suggest breaking it into short pieces. It’s a “quick attention” span¬†generation.

Begin with a plan, work the plan.


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