Is Long Form Writing Good For Your Business?

Wireless MouseNo.

And I could probably stop there. At least, in most cases.

There’s a bit of content marketing buzz going around on how a 2,000-word piece of content is more favored with search engines than a 300-word piece. Don’t buy it.

A few reasons why long form writing isn’t great for the small business owner:

  • The search engine isn’t your target audience. A search engine will not walk into your store and buy something.
  • Most humans won’t take time to read your words in long form. Even if it’s great, they might read 50% of it, but not much more.
  • Most of the “reads” on the web are short and quick. Think about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, BuzzFeed. Short. Quick.
  • You’re running a business. Unless your business is a newspaper or magazine …

If you pre-purpose your content, you can build and craft your short form pieces of content into long form product.

Write for your audience. Please don’t count your words, rather make your words count.

Long form does work in some cases. You may find it best to write a longer piece once in awhile. Maybe you’re doing some article marketing. Though, I’d still suggest breaking it into short pieces. It’s a “quick attention” span generation.

Begin with a plan, work the plan.


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