8 Ways Lists Will Improve Your Business Presence in 2014

Cringing at the headline. Is that the purist in me, or Mrs. LaCroix’s voice (my 5th grade teacher)? “Egad”

List for LessonLove ’em or hate ’em, writing lists work.

They are a form of writing. From your to-do list to your grocery list – putting things down in a list format is a helpful writing tool. It’s also a … well, let’s list these out, hmm?

  • Quick to Write – For the business owner who is too busy to write new content, lists are a time-saver. Each bullet point can be one or two sentences (and should never be too much longer than that).
  • Easy to Scan – Lists are a gift to the reader scanner, because really, who reads anymore? Yes, we all want to read – prefer reading, even – but nowadays, we scan.
  • Rememorable prior to Remarkable – I know “rememorable is not an official word – but it sings in this context (consider it: poetic license). List items are easy to remember. If you want to get remarkable, use list posts as a way to expand thoughts.
  • Expandable – Each point in a list can be expanded into that the writing that Mrs. LaCroix (my 5th grade teacher) so desired. Because it first appeared in a list, better chance the expansion will be read.
  • Sharing more Likely – Lists, or at least some of the items on a list, are more likely to be shared. And in this time of content curation, people sharing content is great for the writer, the reader, and the one sharing.
  • Invitation to Engage – A reason lists are easy to share is how they invite agreeing or alternative opinions. Every one becomes connected. Each has a role.
  • Digestable – Bits are easier to digest. And who wants to get fire-hosed?
  • It’s in the Bible – From the Commandments to the Beautitudes and many places in-between. Likewise (as HubSpot also practices in this preaching).

Look, I know a lot of folks say they hate lists. But, a lot of folks say they hate Barry Manilow songs too – yet, we know the words and often sing along. See third item above.

In some ways – probably 11 or 12 – it’s a lot of what SmallBizTracks works on: “Dividing things into small, potentially repeatable tasks for the purpose of continuous growth.”

As we approach the end of 2013, I’ll be sharing a lot of lists on the SmallBizTracks twitter. There, we share lots of helpful links – and it’s what folks write this time of year – and they are often great helps.

We’ll also be taking a look here on this site at different areas so you can be building a better business presence for 2014 – and they will be delivered in list form now – and expanded form later.

The image on this post is from an iOS app I use to scratch out lists. It’s called Clear. Photo taken with another favorite app – Pressgram.

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