Example of “One Pin It to Win it” or #1pin2win

What’s the mantra?  One Pin It to Win It.

We’ll look at more tools in a near-future post, but here’s the tools used for this one:

Here is the image about to be pinned to our Mantras and Metaphors board:

Mobile Device ready to be searched by driver

Picjumbo is a great place to find and use photos (remember to give attribution – more on that practice). PicMonkey is very easy, allowing you to crop, resize, overlay text or images (like the logo in bottom left corner) and save.

Once I post this article (or if I’d used Pressgram, the image would already be in my “quiet” photos category), I’ll use QuickPin by right-clicking the image and posting to Pinterest.

Start-to-Finish takes maybe 15 minutes if I’m not too picky with image or fonts. Easy.

One Pin It to Win It. Maybe that could be a hashtag - #1pin2win

Planning Pinterest for Your Business

Image from Picjumbo by Viktor Hanáček

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