Content Creation in Bite-Sized Pieces

Pen, Paper, Glasses, Notes In preparing for the show on BlogTalkRadio tomorrow at Noon ET (15 minutes), I divided the outline into five points of three minutes each.

Speaking at a rate of 100-150 WPM (not too fast according to averages), that’s an average of 375 words per point.

Since each point is about the size of one of my blog posts, repurposing each point into a post should be a cinch. I could put it all together and create an Ebook. Another repurpose would be to use some images and make a slideshow or video.

Should I say something really smart – I could Twitter or Facebook the “money quotes”.

By the way, the show tomorrow is on Content Creation and what to do with it once created. Why that topic? I’ve answered the question, “What do I write about” more than a few times recently.

That’s when the content really got created. Maybe it’s more of a Pre-purposing, hmm?

Here’s a link to the BlogTalkRadio show page. Tomorrow at Noon ET.


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