Using Animated Videos to Explain Complex into Simple

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein LogoVideo continues to grow. It’s been on every year-end “What’s Hot for Next Year” list since 2007.

For some, talking in front of a camera or audience is a breeze. Not the majority, just some. I’ve seen public speakers get tongue-tied in front of a camera.

Even if they have a perfect script, brilliant lighting, and a polished voice – there seems to be a desire to add words (often the “umh” and “so,”).

That’s why animated videos can be such a winner – especially for the small business owner not comfortable in front of a camera.

Animated videos can have moving images, sound effects, and written word choreographed onto a screen in way that can simultaneously be any combination of entertaining, educating, and inspiring.

One tool I’ve recently come across is Moovly. It’s easy to make a quality video inexpensively. Easy. Quality. Low Cost.

I recently tested it with an introduction to SmallBizTracks – and it won’t be my last video using Moovly.

There are plenty of tools out there, with varying costs and design choices. Voiceovers can be outsourced. Using animated, explanatory voiceovers helped Dropbox in a huge way.

You’re probably already storyboarding your video in your head. Why not grab a piece of paper and sketch out your ideas now? Give us a shout if you need an assist.

Use Animated Video for Your Business